Jimmy Kimmel gets exhilarated about health-care bill, says Sen. Bill Cassidy ‘lied right to my face’

It seemed like [Cassidy] was being honest. He got a lot of credit and courtesy for entrance off like a rare, reasonable voice in a Republican Party when it came to health caring for entrance adult with something he called — and we didn’t name it this, he named it this — a Jimmy Kimmel test, that was in a nutshell: No family should be denied medical care, puncture of otherwise, since they can’t means it. He agreed to that. He pronounced he would usually support a health-care check that done certain a child like cave would get a health coverage he needs no matter how most income his relatives make.

And that did not have annual or lifetime caps. These word companies, they wish caps, to extent how most they can compensate out. So for instance, if your son has to have 3 open heart surgeries, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece. If he hits his lifetime top of, let’s say, a million dollars, a rest of his life, he’s on his own.

Our stream devise protects Americans from these caps and prevents word providers from jacking adult a rates for people who have preexisting conditions of all types. And Sen. Cassidy pronounced his devise would do that, too. He pronounced all of this on radio many times.

(Clip of Sen. Cassidy on CNN saying, “I ask, does it pass a Jimmy Kimmel test? Would a child innate with a inborn heart illness be means to get all she or he would need in a initial year of life? we wish it to pass a Jimmy Kimmel test.”)

So final week, Bill Cassidy and Sen. Lindsey Graham due a new bill, a Graham-Cassidy bill. And this new check indeed does pass a Jimmy Kimmel test, yet a opposite Jimmy Kimmel test. With this one, your child with a preexisting condition will get a caring he needs — if, and usually if, his father is Jimmy Kimmel. Otherwise, we competence be screwed.

Now, we don’t know what happened to Bill Cassidy. But when he was on this broadside tour, he listed his final for a health-care check unequivocally clearly. These were his words. He pronounced he wants coverage for all; no taste formed on preexisting conditions; reduce premiums for middle-class families; and no lifetime caps. And theory what? The new bill? Does zero of those things.

Coverage for all? No. Fact, it will flog about 30 million Americans off insurance. Preexisting conditions? Nope. If a check passes, particular states can let word companies assign we some-more if we have a preexisting condition. You’ll find that small loophole after in a request after it says they can’t. They can, and they will.

But will it reduce premiums? Well, in fact, for lots of people, a check will outcome in aloft premiums. And as distant as no lifetime caps go, a states can confirm on that, too, that means there will be lifetime caps in many states. So not usually did Bill Cassidy destroy a Jimmy Kimmel test, he unsuccessful a Bill Cassidy test. He unsuccessful his possess test. And we don’t see that occur unequivocally much.

This check that he came adult with is indeed worse than a one that, appreciate God, Republicans like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and John McCain torpedoed over a summer. And we wish they have a bravery and good clarity to do that again with this one, since these other guys who explain they wish Americans to have improved health caring — even yet 8 years ago they didn’t wish anyone to have health caring during all — they’re perplexing to hide this fraud of a check they baked adult in though an research from a bipartisan Congressional Budget Office.

They don’t even wish we to see it. They’re carrying one hearing. we review a hearing’s being hold in a Homeland Security Committee, that has zero to do with health care. And a authority concluded to concede dual witnesses, Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham, to speak.

So, listen, health caring is complicated. It’s boring. we don’t wish to speak about it. The sum are confusing, and that’s what these guys are relying on. They’re counting on we to be so impressed with all a information we only trust them to take caring of you, yet they’re not holding caring of you. They’re holding caring of a people who give them money, like word companies. And we’re all only looking during a Instagram accounts and fondness things while they’re voting on either people can means to keep their children alive or not.

Most of a congresspeople who opinion on this check substantially won’t even review it. And they wish us to do a same thing, they wish us to provide it like an iTunes use agreement. And this guy, Bill Cassidy, only lied right to my face.

(Clip of Kimmel and Cassidy’s talk from May — Kimmel: “Do we trust each American regardless of income should be means to get unchanging checkups, maternity care, etc., all of those things, that people who have health caring get and need?” Cassidy: “Yep.”)

So “yep” is Washington for “nope,” we guess. And we never illusory we would get concerned in something like this, this is not my area of expertise. My area of imagination is eating pizza, and that’s unequivocally about it. But we can’t let them do this to a children, and a comparison citizens, and a veterans, or to any of us.

And by a way, before we post a nasty Facebook summary observant I’m politicizing my son’s health problems, we wish we to know: we am politicizing my son’s health problems since we have to. My family has health insurance, we don’t have to worry about this. But other people do, so we can force your outrageous comments where your alloy won’t be giving we a prostate examination once they take your health-care advantages away.

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