Jon Jones offers support for Ronda Rousey: ‘Her story doesn’t have to be over here’

Ronda Rousey’s destiny as a churned martial artist is capricious after losing her second uninterrupted fight, this time to Amanda Nunes, in a small 48 seconds during UFC 207. Since a loss, a critics have come out in droves to whack a former UFC women’s bantamweight champion. But if there’s anybody who can describe to a tumble from beauty and offer some difference of encouragement, it’s Jon Jones.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion is now portion a one-year cessation for a unsuccessful drug exam that caused him to be pulled from a categorical eventuality during UFC 200 only days before his quarrel with Daniel Cormier. The critique he perceived was harsh, nonetheless he’s managed to stay certain in a midst of a turmoil. From one former champion to another, Jones suggested Rousey to give it another shot.

“My recommendation to Ronda would be to collect yourself adult and try again,” Jones tweeted. “I consider it’s critical for Ronda to uncover her fans how good she truly is by displaying her bravery and giving it another try.”

Rousey’s detriment was a harmful one for a former champion deliberation a good lengths that she went to in sequence to ready for her lapse to a Octagon. She remained out of a spotlight for a past year – outward of a integrate of interviews – and close out a media during quarrel week. Even with so many questions surrounding her mental state, she entered a quarrel as a -140 favorite, according to Vegas Insider. It was all for zilch as she suffered a detriment worse than a second-round knockout to Holm in Nov of 2015.

Regardless of a loss, Jones believes that a 29-year-old is still among a best in a division.

“I also still trust she beats 90% of a division,” Jones tweeted. “Lots of donkey kicking still to be done, lots of income to be made.”

Jones suggested that Rousey find an MMA gym to element her training and that “being around other bad asses” could assistance her urge mentally and physically. Ultimately, it will be adult to a former champ to confirm how she’ll be remembered.

“What she does subsequent will truly establish her legacy,” Jones said. “I unequivocally wish she chooses to be unbroken. Her story doesn’t have to be over here.”

These difference of support come in antithesis of what Rousey’s mom suggested. Dr. AnnMaria De Mars recently told TMZ Sports that she’d like to see her daughter retire. But Jones’ difference of support aren’t entrance unsolicited. When a former champ was going by a severe patch in 2015, Rousey reached out to him with difference of support. He’s simply repaying a favor.

In his final twitter on a subject, Jones posted an aged print of himself and Rousey. Jones is giving a thumbs down while Rousey extends a center finger with a caption: “To all a people who loves to flog a chairman when they’re down.”

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