Kendall Jenner’s Final Pepsi Scene Inspired by ’60s Pic, NOT Black Lives Matter

There’s indeed an reason — yet not indispensably a good one — for Pepsi’s preference to run a catastrophic Kendall Jenner ad … though to know we have to take a outing behind to a ’60s. 

CLICK THIS LINK and check out a second print … it became universe famous, shot in Washington, D.C. in 1967 during a Vietnam protest. It shows a malcontent with flower energy coming a slew of cops armed with bayonets.

Bjorn Charpentier  the executive of photography for a Pepsi ad — tells us it was this picture, and not a Black Lives Matter protest, that desirous a commercial. Substitute Pepsi for a sunflower, and there we have it.

Lots of people insincere a impulse for a stage was a Black Lives Matter criticism final Jul in Baton Rouge, where a lady in a sundress stood peacefully as cops approached her.

Charpentier insists his fire had zero to do with that proof … it was all about flower power.

Charpentier admits they were aware of a Black Lives Matter transformation and the Kendall ad seemed relevant, though he says a impulse was a lady with a flower.

By a approach … Charpentier shot a blurb in 2014 for a Leica Camera association that showcased recreations of 100 famous photos, including a 1967 flower photo. So, that was on his brain.

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