Key points in Juncker’s 2017 annual EU address

STRASBOURG (Reuters) – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker done pivotal proposals in his annual State of a European Union residence to a European Parliament on Wednesday.

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A clamp boss of a European Commission to chair a Eurogroup of euro section financial ministers and play a purpose of European Finance and Economy Minister, compelling reforms in states and deploying EU financial instruments to assistance states in retrogression or crisis. But he rejects French ideas of a apart euro section bill and parliament, rather a “strong euro area bill line within a EU budget” and EU parliamentary scrutiny.

He backs that evidence by job for all EU states to adopt a euro and charity technical and financial assistance for countries that need it. With non-euro Britain withdrawal in 2019, usually 8 states accounting for 15 percent of EU GDP will be outward a euro zone. However, a likes of Poland and Sweden are heedful politically of being drawn into a singular currency.

Juncker also wants all states to join a European Banking Union, origination bank organisation common opposite a confederation and some-more common standards in labor and amicable policies. He wants to set adult a European Labour Authority and also wants governments to give adult halt rights in areas such as corporate taxation and VAT harmonization efforts and a new financial transaction tax.

The Commission will deliver in Dec ways to renovate a euro section bailout fund, a European Stability Mechanism (ESM) into a broader informal homogeneous of a International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a European Union as good as a origination of a double-hatted European Minister of Economy and Finance.

He also suggested origination his successors as arch executives also a chairs of EU summits, fusing a roles of presidents of a European Commission and that of a European Council so as to make EU structures some-more distinct during home and abroad.


Western Balkan states should have a picturesque possibility of fasten a EU after 2019 though Turkey’s abuse of elemental rights manners out it fasten in a foreseeable future.


Britain’s depart is “tragic” and a British too will come to bewail it though it should not forestall a rest of a Union forging forward with formation in an desirous way, in a believe that auspicious conditions will not final for long.

Juncker done no process statements on how Britain’s exit should be rubbed or on skeleton for a new relationship. He called for an EU limit in a once German-speaking Transylvanian city of Sibiu on Mar 30, 2019, a initial day Britain will no longer be in a Union. Romania will be chairing EU meetings then. It should determine skeleton for a destiny forward of bloc-wide elections to a European Parliament scheduled for dual months later.


The EU is to launch new, pure giveaway trade talks with Australia and New Zealand and aim to interpretation those as good as ongoing negotiations with Japan, Mexico and South American nations by a finish of Juncker’s charge in late 2019.

The EU is holding advantage of a cooling of a United States on giveaway trade. Addressing confusion in Europe about such deals, Juncker stressed their energy to emanate jobs and levy EU standards in areas such as a sourroundings on trade partners. New deals will also be nude of argumentative elements such as special business tribunals to make them easier to ratify.

While being open, a EU will also deliver during Union turn some of a powers that some governments have to examination unfamiliar investments in vital resources — such as infrastructure or supportive confidence or record firms — and lift objections.


A new European Cybersecurity Agency to be set up. He also wants a new European comprehension section to coordinate pity of information on suspected militants and to give a new European Public Prosecutor powers to examine terrorism offences. A European Defence Union, upheld by NATO, to be prepared by 2025.


The EU is to deliver ways to boost from 36 percent a rate of unsuccessful haven seekers being deported behind to their homelands. This is seen as essential to get member states to determine new manners on haven to share out responsibilities and give some-more assistance to genuine refugees. Juncker wants states to make good on pledges of assist to Africa to foster expansion and delayed emigration.

Romania and Bulgaria should be brought into a Schengen passport-free section but check and Croatia as shortly as probable — partial of a plan to pull all EU member states into all a bloc’s structures, including a euro and banking union.


After blustering carmakers — many of them German — for deliberately dubious consumers on a emissions of diesel vehicles, Juncker due an Industrial Policy Strategy to assistance industries stay or turn “world leaders in innovation, digitization and decarbonization”.


While pointedly perfectionist that EU governments honour EU law and justice judgments — a dart directed especially during ex-communist states in a easterly like Poland and Hungary — Juncker stressed that a poorer easterly contingency not be treated as second class.

He due efforts to safeguard children are vaccinated to a top standards opposite a bloc, satisfactory compensate and diagnosis for workers corroborated by a new Labour Authority and stronger inhabitant powers to retaliate companies that offer reduce peculiarity products in a easterly underneath a same labels as improved furnish in a west. “Slovaks do not merit reduction fish in their fish fingers.”

Reporting by Alastair Macdonald, modifying by Robin Emmott

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