Knicks stunned, Melo deflated: ‘It’s unacceptable’

2:17 AM ET

PHILADELPHIA — As a furious jubilee exploded around him during a jubilant Wells Fargo Center, Carmelo Anthony stood on a building stunned, perplexing to routine a New York Knicks’ latest debacle.

After starting Wednesday off by sounding a alarm on a Knicks’ teetering season, Anthony went scoreless in a fourth entertain and finished his day in pristine disappointment after a 76ers repelled a Knicks 98-97 during a buzzer.

Anthony scored a game-high 28 points though watched T.J. McConnell cavalcade a latest diversion leader opposite a Knicks over him to set off a confused Sixers celebration. For a Knicks, it was a many demoralizing detriment of a season.

A deflated and irritated Anthony could usually watch as a Knicks mislaid for a ninth time in 10 games after floating a 10-point lead in a final 2:29. Over a past 20 seasons, a Knicks had been 372-0 with a 10-point lead in a final 3 mins of a fourth quarter.

Rose has 25 in return, though Knicks remove during buzzer

Derrick Rose started Wednesday opposite a 76ers, one day after returning. But a play continued for a Knicks, who suffered what could have been their many unpleasant detriment of a season.

  • McConnell’s jumper during buzzer sends 76ers past Knicks, 98-97

    T.J. McConnell strike a baseline jumper during a buzzer to give a Philadelphia 76ers a 98-97 feat over a New York Knicks on Wednesday night.

  • Knicks’ O’Quinn fined $25K for tainted on Davis

    The NBA has fined Knicks core Kyle O’Quinn $25,000 for a extreme tainted that left Pelicans star Anthony Davis with a painful left hip.

  • It was also a second time an competition had strike a buzzer-beater to improved a Knicks in a past 5 games, as McConnell assimilated Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo, who drilled a leader during Madison Square Garden final week.

    “Very, really disappointing,” pronounced a morose Anthony after a latest loss. “… we don’t even know what to contend about this one.”

    “We should tell ourselves that it’s unacceptable,” Anthony combined later, when asked if this was an unsuitable loss. “We were winning this diversion entrance down a stretch. We were winning with 20-something seconds left. We came adult short. So it should be unsuitable to all of us.”

    Anthony, who was perplexing to get a Knicks behind on lane after he was ejected for a third time this deteriorate during a second half of a 110-96 detriment during home to a New Orleans Pelicans on Monday, scored all 28 of his points in a initial 3 buliding and capped a third with a 3-pointer.

    But Derrick Rose — who returned to a group after blank Monday’s detriment though giving a group any word for hours, explaining that he left for Chicago to see his mom amid a family emanate — had a prohibited palm in a fourth. Rose scored 8-of-his-25 points and done all 4 of his shots in a fourth.

    Anthony went 0-for-3 in a entertain and missed a 3-pointer with 1:03 left and a defenseless Knicks sticking to a three-point lead. After Philadelphia scored, Rose answered with a formidable retreat layup over Joel Embiid to keep a Knicks’ lead during 3 with 34.5 seconds remaining.

    The Sixers scored again to cut a necessity to one and Jeff Hornacek called on Rose. Anthony came over to shade for Rose, who gathering baseline before sketch a invulnerability and flitting out to Brandon Jennings during a tip of a key. Jennings found an open Kristaps Porzingis on a right baseline though a second-year brazen missed a 3-pointer badly.

    The round was sloping divided from a basket and a Sixers grabbed a lax rebound, heading to a raging hasten downcourt. McConnell got a round on a left baseline and Anthony came over to stop a Sixers’ indicate ensure from pushing to a hoop. McConnell done hit with Anthony with his right palm before stepping behind and knocking down a winning shot.

    “There was so most going on. we don’t wish to give we an answer that is a wrong,” Anthony pronounced when asked about a final sequence. “I can’t recall. we have to go behind and demeanour during it.”

    During a morning shootaround, Anthony pronounced he didn’t consider a falling Knicks (17-22) had reached a low indicate nonetheless and were in a apocalyptic situation. But a Knicks were 4 games above .500 in Dec and are slipping in a standings.

    Anthony warned that if a Knicks don’t start personification improved quickly, a deteriorate could spiral.

    “I consider now is only a time that everybody can only whisper a small bit and kind of relax,” Anthony pronounced after a team’s morning shootaround. “It was a small moving around here a final integrate of days. You can’t play basketball like that. We all need to only relax and concentration and put all else behind us.”

    Chicago Bulls on Thursday.

    “There was a lot of lessons,” Anthony pronounced of a Sixers defeat. “I can’t give we one doctrine right now. There’s a lot of lessons we can learn from this.”

    Information from ESPN’s Stats Information and Ian Begley was used in this report.

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