La Canfora’s 2017 NFL Mock Draft: Browns, Texans trade adult for answers during QB

Our friends during the Orange and Brown Report have each angle lonesome for Cleveland’s draft. Plus, we can get a giveaway month of insider entrance when we buy a one month membership today. Just use a promo code BROWNSDRAFT when we pointer adult to take advantage of this breeze special.

I’ve put it off as prolonged as possible. And chances are, as we are reading this, we am already vagrant one of my venerable editors to make during slightest a change or two. But here is my ridicule breeze — a first, final and usually one we will do this spring.

In gripping with tradition, and in hopes of holding out for as prolonged as probable to try to reap a best information possible, I’ve waited until breeze day to recover it. But now, alas, a time has come. So here goes nothing.

Even if a collect itself isn’t correct, in a past I’ve generally overwhelmed on a tangible collect in giving some of my reasoning, so review a excellent imitation if we don’t mind. Hopefully we don’t have to finish adult murdering me on amicable media after a draft!

Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett, DE, Texas AM: Oh, how they need a quarterback, yet they have a trail or dual to take caring of that and it doesn’t engage this pick. They’ll trade for a quarterback, only we wait and see. In a meantime, conduct manager Hue Jackson gets his wish with a group selecting a accord tip actor on a board.

The Browns pass on QB during No. 1 to take Myles Garrett.
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San Francisco 49ers

Jamal Adams, S, LSU: They are also deliberation dilemma
Marshon Lattimore
and pass rusher
Solomon Thomas
. Any of them would make sense. Heck, when your register is as bad as San Francisco’s, everybody creates sense. But with rookie ubiquitous manager John Lynch a former reserve and Adams so purify and protected with abounding impact potential, I’m disposition in that direction.

Jamal Adams is one of a few prospects that make clarity for a 49ers.

Chicago Bears

Solomon Thomas, DL,
Stanford Cardinal
Their invulnerability has been a disaster perpetually and Vic Fangio has no talent to intrigue up. While we see them going Adams if he’s on a board, well, he’s not on a house in this scenario.

If Jamal Adams is gone, Solomon Thomas creates clarity for a Bears.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU: The Jags do a good pursuit of shrouding their picks in mystery, and this year is no exception. This absolute behind would give their offense an evident temperament and fit Tom Coughlin’s MO while elucidate a long-running need. If they comparison
Clemson Tigers
Deshaun Watson
, that wouldn’t warn me, either.  

Leonard Fournette fits a mold for Tom Coughlin and a Jaguars.

TRADE: 5. Cleveland Browns (from L.A.
Los Angeles Rams
by Tennessee)

Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina: The Browns finally get a quarterback (assuming they haven’t already finished a understanding with a Pats for
Jimmy Garoppolo
before a draft). The owners wants a passer of a future, and after whiffing on a garland final year, a Browns can’t risk vouchsafing their tip man get divided here. They could also trade with a
New York Jets
during No. 6 to make this occur and are in active negotiations with several teams.

The Browns have a good possibility of trade adult for Mitchell Trubisky.

6. New York Jets

O.J. Howard
, TE,
Alabama Crimson Tide
Chan Gailey wouldn’t implement parsimonious ends, but, well, he’s no longer a descent coordinator and they need difference-makers on offense. Receiver
Mike Williams
would also make a lot clarity here, and we could see reserve
Malik Hooker
as well. And if a Browns don’t trade adult for Trubisky, afterwards Trubisky is a Jets’ collect here.

If Mitchell Trubisky is gone, design a Jets to take O.J. Howard.

7. Los Angeles
San Diego Chargers

Malik Hooker, S,
Ohio State Buckeyes
The Chargers had an chosen reserve in
Eric Weddle
for a long, prolonged time. They could use an anchor on a behind end, and while we roughly went with Alabama defensive lineman
Jonathan Allen
, who will consequence clever care here, I’m going with a reserve with measureless upside.

Malik Hooker would be a good fit on a behind finish for a Chargers.

Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey
, RB, Stanford:
Sometimes when a collect creates ideal clarity and we hear a lot of fume about it, it’s a smokescreen. And other times it’s only a good match. This is a good match, and if Fournette goes as high as we anticipate, afterwards we feel strongly this will be a pick.

Expect a Panthers to go RB, and Christian McCaffrey is a good fit.

Cincinnati Bengals

Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State: Lattimore was removing a lot of courtesy as a top-five pick, and if not for issues with his hamstring, he would be. He’s still in line to be a tip dilemma taken, and while a Bengals could simply go with linebacker
Reuben Foster
 or defensive lineman
Derek Barnett
 here, I’m going Lattimore.

Marshon Lattimore could be a take for a Bengals during No. 9.

Buffalo Bills

Mike Williams, WR, Clemson: They need a lot of assistance in a lot of spots, yet I’m not shopping them going quarterback here. If a tip reserve is still on a board, or Lattimore, that’s going to be in play as well. But that flitting diversion has to enhance during some point, and adding another Clemson receiver would be in impression for a Bills.

Will Mike Williams be a latest Clemson star to conduct to Buffalo?

TRADE: 11.
Houston Texans
(from New Orleans)

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech: The Texans can’t means to only lay behind and wish a quarterback gets to them with a 25th pick. They don’t have that oppulance after a wickedness that was The Brock Lobster Experiment. And they need to burst a Cards to get their collect of a remaining passers. I’m personification a camber and going Mahomes here, yet it could simply be Watson.

Trading adult for a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes creates clarity for a Texans.

Tennessee Titans
(from Philadelphia by Cleveland)

Marlon Humphrey
, CB, Alabama:
They are means to residence a need with a tip awaiting and continue to accumulate a engorgement of destiny breeze picks. If they lift this off, there will be a lot of high fives in that fight room.

Marlon Humphrey is a pivotal aim for a Titans in a trade down.

Arizona Cardinals

Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson: Once Trubisky goes in a tip five, a run on QBs will be on. Maybe Arizona moves adult to make this happen, since
Carson Palmer
is during a finish and a time to rise a quarterback of 2018 is right now. Could be Mahomes here as well.

The Cardinals acquire Deshaun Watson with open arms.

Philadelphia Eagles
(from Minnesota)

Derek Barnett, DL, Tennessee: Up until a impulse passionate attack allegations were finished open opposite
Gareon Conley
this week, we would have had him as a impact asperse collect here. And all things being equal, a Eagles substantially go with a defensive behind here. While Barnett doesn’t have world-class metrics, he was unequivocally prolific in a SEC. we could see cornerback
Kevin King
being in this spot, or Tre’Davious White as good if they do demeanour in a secondary.

The Eagles could pass on a defensive behind for value in Derek Barnett.

Indianapolis Colts

Haason Reddick
, LB,
Temple Owls
Rookie GM Chris Ballard is going to concentration on adding punch to his invulnerability and pass rush above all else. If this child is still there for him, we trust it’s a sum no-brainer pick.

Consider No. 15 to be Haason Reddick’s floor.

Baltimore Ravens

Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama: Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is Crimson Tide to his core, and he loves a approach this child plays. There are some red flags yet all I’ve listened leads me to trust this group is gentle with him. Sure, a pass catcher creates sense, yet we don’t see that function unless Mike Williams is on a board.

Would a Ravens disremember Reuben Foster’s red flags?

Washington Redskins

Jonathan Allen, DL, Alabama: This child competence finish adult going in a tip five, and it wouldn’t startle me. He played during a unequivocally high turn for a best module in a country. But his shoulder emanate is scaring some teams, and if there is a tumble for him, we can’t see it going over No. 17. Washington loves Allen, so if he’s still there, this is his spot.

Could Jonathan Allen slip serve than expected?

18. Tennessee Titans

Corey Davis
, WR,
Western Michigan Broncos
 He doesn’t have that loyal high-end speed teams covet, yet he would be a unequivocally good aim for
Marcus Mariota
in this spot. Tight finish David Njoku would also be a good fit and a successor apparent to
Delanie Walker
, not that Walker is display signs of negligence down.

Corey Davis isn’t quick yet he would be a good tip aim for Mariota.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dalvin Cook
, RB,
Florida State Seminoles
His off-field things will means him to drop, yet there is big-time talent there, and from all we accumulate a Bucs have grown gentle with him. If they don’t go using behind here, we consider they try to make a play for Joe Mixon in Round 2.

The Bucs could join their car to Dalvin Cook in a initial round.

Denver Broncos

Cam Robinson
, LT, Alabama:
Denver simply contingency strut a diseased descent line if it wants to rise a immature quarterback, and this is a diseased breeze to do it in. But they get their collect of a prospects here, and while Robinson’s opinion and work ethic are iffy, there is a lot of clay to mold here and John Elway believes in a enlightenment of his group and locker room.

The Broncos contingency supplement talent like Cam Robinson to a descent line.

Detroit Lions

Jarrad Davis
, LB,
Florida Gators
Davis would solve a outrageous hole for them and supplement speed and impact to a second turn of their defense. The run on linebackers slows down after this pick.

Expect a Lions to breeze a linebacker like Jarrad Davis.
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Miami Dolphins

Charles Harris
, DE,
Missouri Tigers
Yeah they need descent line help, and yes, internal product Njoku will pull courtesy as well. But that invulnerability unequivocally needs some intensity dilemma rushers; Cam Wake isn’t removing any younger,
Mario Williams
was a bust for them and they let
Olivier Vernon
get divided a year ago. we see invulnerability here.

The Dolphins need to find a immature pass rusher like Charles Harris.

New York Giants

David Njoku, TE, Miami (Fla.): This has been a blind-spot position for them for utterly a while.
Eli Manning
could use some help, and while giveaway representative Brandon Marshall is a large target, he’s impending a end. A tackle or ensure would make sense, yet I’m going on an instinct that a intensity high-end impact here is too most to resist.

Eli Manning could get nonetheless another arms in Njoku.

Oakland Raiders

Kevin King, CB, Washington: He has a long, gaunt physique many teams covet, and that delegate still needs help. They would adore one of those linebackers who went between 15-21, but, alas, they aren’t on this house anymore.

With linebacker drying up, a Raiders opt for Kevin King.

New Orleans Saints
(via Houston)

Obi Melifonwu
, S,
Connecticut Huskies
The Saints adore this child and trust he could be a dilemma and reserve in their scheme. So most flexibility and substantially a best altogether contestant in a whole breeze with him using a 4.4-second 40-yard lurch during 6-feet-4 and 225 pounds. On their quick lane in that dome, demeanour out.

The Saints collect adult Obi Melifonwu after a large trade down.

Seattle Seahawks

Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin: They could go corner, or take a shot on a pass rusher, yet GM John Schneider has low ties to a state of Wisconsin and this child competence be a best descent lineman in this draft; removing him here wouldn’t engage most over-thinking. Seems like a fit to me. Offensive lineman
Garett Bolles
Utah Utes
could be a collect as well, yet I’ve listened in a past few days that Bolles’ past is some-more of a regard for many teams than we competence think.

The Seahawks fill a large need with Wisconsin lineman Ryan Ramczyk.

Kansas City Chiefs

Taco Charlton
, DE,
Michigan Wolverines
They would adore an impact linebacker and they could simply go with a best remaining dilemma in their determination here as well. But pass rush — or a intensity of pass rush in a destiny — is so tough to land.
Tamba Hali
Derrick Johnson
are nearby a end, and
Justin Houston
has been oft harmed in new years.

Would a Chiefs pass on other needs for a pass rusher like Taco Charlton?

Dallas Cowboys

Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU: we am distant from assured that White is indeed on a house this long. But if he is, a Cowboys will pounce. Won’t take prolonged to move this label up, that will means some groans in places like Pittsburgh, where a
Pittsburgh Steelers
are unequivocally high on him, too.

If Tre’Davious White creates it to a Cowboys, he’s a expected pick.

Green Bay Packers

Forrest Lamp
, OL, Western Kentucky:
He projects as a ensure or a center, and Green Bay has a hole during ensure after a depart of
T.J. Lang
in giveaway agency, even after signing
Jahri Evans
. This only creates a lot of clarity to me. Joe Mixon, even with a ghost of a video of him distinguished a woman, could come into play in this operation as well.

Forrest Lamp could assistance a Packers feed a descent line.
Getty Images

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

Tim Williams
, LB, Alabama:
He substantially can’t set a dilemma and he’s rather limited, and he has copiousness of red flags. But a one thing he does — run like a breeze while removing to a quarterback — is something everybody covets. With a defensive backs picked by during this indicate and with a man like
Jabrill Peppers
carrying his possess off-field concerns, we could see Mike Tomlin pulsation a list for Williams (who we hear he loves).
James Harrison
can’t play forever, and teaming Williams with
Bud Dupree
could be a boon.

Tim Williams would give a Steelers pass rush a outrageous boost.

Atlanta Falcons

Garett Bolles, OL, Utah: we could see a Falcons going with a reserve here (
Budda Baker
Josh Jones
), even yet they took one in a initial turn final year. There are some questions about Bolles, yet he could fill an evident need on a line and competence be means to toggle between ensure and tackle as needed.

Garett Bolles could be a fit during ensure for a Falcons.

32. New Orleans Saints (from New England)

Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State: It would take a confidant group to name him in a initial turn after passionate attack allegations emerged this week, yet a Saints have a slightest tenure impasse of any bar in a league. They have finished a ton of work assessing what indeed happened with Conley, and they seem unequivocally gentle with him. The defensive backfield has been a outrageous problem for a prolonged time, and alighting Conley and Melifonwu would be huge. If they stay during No. 11 and take a defensive lineman, Conley would still make a lot of clarity here. Some group is substantially going to name Conley on Friday, and with him a best dilemma in this breeze in a eyes of some, let’s see if New Orleans creates a pick. we don’t see Conley’s conditions mirroring that of La’el Collins dual years ago, when he finished adult going undrafted.

Will Gareon Conley still be taken in a initial round?

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