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La Liga has reliable to ESPN FC it has refused to accept a €222 million remuneration from Paris Saint-Germain to trigger Barcelona star Neymar’s buyout clause.

Barcelona pronounced on Wednesday that Neymar dictated to leave though they would usually concede him to pierce on if his full buyout proviso was paid.

Specialist sports counsel Juan de Dios Crespo arrived during La Liga’s offices in Madrid on Thursday with a coupon for a full volume though was incited away.

La Liga pronounced in a matter to ESPN FC: “We can endorse that a authorised member of a actor [Neymar] came to La Liga to deposition a proviso and that it has been rejected. This is all a information we can give during a moment.”

Marca pronounced La Liga has no authorised drift to reject a remuneration and PSG and Neymar would be within their rights to ask FIFA to meddle in a matter in an try to finalise a deal.

Speaking progressing this week, La Liga boss Javier Tebas had indicted PSG of “financial doping” and pronounced that he would not be peaceful to accept their remuneration for Neymar.

In addition, Tebas pronounced he was scheming a censure opposite a French bar to be presented to UEFA and a European Union for what he feels are transparent breaches of a game’s financial satisfactory play (FFP) regulations.

Last week, Barcelona sources also told ESPN FC that a bar would put vigour on UEFA to inspect how PSG are financing their Neymar move.

However, a UEFA orator told ESPN FC on Thursday that it “has not perceived complaints from anyone per this matter.”

Neymar is approaching to finish his pierce to Paris Saint-Germain in a entrance days.

The orator pronounced officials will inspect a understanding to safeguard it complies with FFP regulations.

However, they combined that it was unfit to decider a understanding in siege and that PSG’s business over a three-year duration — including sales that could occur this summer — contingency be taken into account.

“All clubs in Europe contingency honour financial satisfactory play manners and contingency denote that they do not have waste of some-more than €30m over 3 years,” a UEFA orator said.

“As partial of a continual monitoring of clubs underneath financial satisfactory play regulations, UEFA will demeanour into a sum of this send in due march to safeguard PSG are agreeable with requirements.

“The send of Neymar to PSG will have an outcome on a club’s finances over several years, though a impact of such an operation can't be judged in allege — particularly as PSG could good sell several players for a poignant amount.

“We shall therefore usually make calculations during a finish and make certain that they honour a rules.”

Earlier, a source told ESPN FC that Neymar is due in Paris after undergoing a medical in Portugal on Wednesday.

Samuel Marsden covers Barcelona for ESPN FC. Follow him on Twitter @SamuelMarsden.

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