Lamar Odom regrets mixed affairs, says heroin was his drug of choice

Lamar Odom wishes he had kept it in his pants. 

With a new docuseries reportedly on a setting and rehab recently in his rear-view, a former Mr. Khloé Kardashian is removing honest about what happened when “Keeping Up With a Kardashians” and “Khloe Lamar” put him on a radar with women who didn’t follow basketball. 

“When we became Khloé Kardash­ian’s male and on TV, it done me demeanour some-more enticing,” a 37-year-old told Us Weekly. The ladies (or something like that) came out of a woodwork in droves, and he didn’t contend no. 

“If there is one thing we bewail when we was married, it was carrying mixed affairs with opposite women,” Odom said. “That wasn’t a stand-up thing to do. we wish we could have kept [it] in my pants.”

Huh, ya think? 

The heroin use wasn’t a winning choice either.

“I was stealing it [from Kardashian] for a while, though afterwards we got undone … ,” a former Los Angeles Laker and Clipper said. Then in 2011, about dual years before they split, he said, “I was in a male cavern she had done for me and she held me. She was disappointed. So was I.”

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“The unhappy thing about it is, we don’t know if we was unhappy since we was indeed doing a drug or since she held me.”

After that, Kardashian “tolerated” his use of what he called his drug of choice.

Odom pronounced that after she filed for divorce in 2013 and he got his possess place, his life “was all about drugs.” He wasn’t perplexing to repair his matrimony and was in a dim place. 

Drug abuse “probably helped a finish of my career come along a small faster,” he said, “because drugs killed my expostulate to wish to sight and be in shape. It killed that and my sex drive.”

By a time Kardashian was staying by his side as he recovered after scarcely failing in 2015, Odom said, a integrate hadn’t “been insinuate in years.”

The couple’s divorce became final in Dec 2016. He went to rehab during a same time. 

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