Lonzo Ball struggles with shot though still excites in Lakers preseason debut

2:32 AM ET

ANAHEIM, Calif. — In his initial preseason diversion with a Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo Ball struggled with his shot though still displayed his ability to shelve adult triple-double-like numbers.

After a summer and initial week of stay (he went 6-0 in 5-on-5 scrimmages with a team) that usually combined to a hype surrounding Ball, a No. 2 altogether collect finally done his preseason entrance with 5 points, 8 assists, 7 rebounds and dual steals in a 108-99 detriment to a Minnesota Timberwolves during a Honda Center.

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  • Despite a fact that Ball missed seven-of-nine shots, including sharpened one-of-five from 3-point range, a rookie didn’t do anything to rage a fad surrounding him and a Lakers for this entrance season. Ball still entertained fans with his flitting as he zipped balls all over a court. And he did so with a Lakers hardly carrying worked on any descent sets in stay so far.

    If anything, Lakers manager Luke Walton wanted to see his unstinting rookie indicate ensure fire even some-more as Ball attempted to get his teammates concerned and going.

    “Lonzo is so means as distant as a approach he always creates everybody on a justice a threat,” Walton said. “With him we have been operative on that he is so unstinting that infrequently he has good shots for himself and he tries to get someone else a shot. We wish him holding those.”

    “We are looking for him to be a small some-more assertive to measure a ball, generally early on,” Walton continued. “I suspicion he was good a approach he was relocating around out there and removing people involved.”

    With group boss Magic Johnson, GM Rob Pelinka and Lakers determining owners Jeanie Buss on hand, there was a substantial hum during a Honda Center for usually a preseason opener. The building was packaged with 18,000 on hand.

    Ball’s outspoken father, LaVar, was there and he was bustling before a diversion interesting fans who shaped a line adult a stairs from nearby courtside to roughly a confluence usually to get a selfie or designation from a elder Ball.

    “We did accurately what we’re ostensible to do,” LaVar pronounced of a attention. “Welcome to a Ball era. Everybody’s entrance to a Ball era.”

    LaVar stranded to his prophecy that his son will win Rookie of a Year.

    “I pronounced he’s gonna be Rookie of a Year. How could he not?” a elder Ball said. “… [The hype around Lonzo is] going to keep growing. That’s what Big Baller Brand does. It grows.”

    “That’s given we told him they’re going to win a championship between one and 7 years given assistance is on a way,” he added. “My other dual boys will be here in a minute.”

    After winning Las Vegas summer joining MVP honors with his foul flitting and triple-doubles, Ball came out in this initial diversion perplexing to daunt right divided in his Big Baller Brand ZO2 Prime Remix shoes.

    Ball’s initial pass try was an alley-oop throw to Larry Nance Jr. that was damaged up. Still, a fad was there.

    He admits he should have lobbed a round aloft for Nance though maybe a rookie was perplexing to ease his possess fad down after realizing a childhood dream of conference his name not usually announced in a Lakers starting lineup though a final actor to be introduced.

    “Oh man, it felt great, generally when they called my name and a fans were cheering,” Ball said. “That is what we dream about as a child and it is finally here and that was a good moment. But during a finish of a day we got a pursuit to do.”

    The rookie purebred his initial support after grabbing an descent miscarry and anticipating Brandon Ingram for a 3-pointer. His initial dual assists went to Ingram — something Johnson pronounced he hopes to see frequently given he believes a tandem will rise Magic-James Worthy-like “Showtime” chemistry in a nearby future.

    After blank his initial dual shots, Ball done a 3-pointer with 3:47 remaining in a initial entertain as fans cheered on. The rookie did make some mistakes, carrying some passes deflected and he once jumped into a atmosphere before creation a preference and branch a round over — something Johnson had warned him about after saying it occur during a summer league.

    The Lakers have been priesthood run either it be after a skip or make and a players might’ve been fatigued, generally after a week of stay and two-a-day use sessions. Ball wasn’t a usually Laker to skip shots. The Lakers missed 25-of-30 3-point attempts.

    “I consider they were good shots,” Ball said. “A lot of shots we felt were good shots, guys usually missed shots, including myself. It is going to take time. Playing quick like that really takes a fee on you. Once we get used to it we will be OK.”

    Ball had 3 turnovers in his 36 mins personification a good volume opposite Minnesota’s maestro indicate ensure Jeff Teague. Considering that Ball had a really identical diversion in his summer joining entrance before racking adult a integrate of triple doubles and heading a Lakers to a summer joining title, a Lakers know their rookie indicate ensure will usually get improved and some-more comfortable.

    After a game, Ball huddled with his family in a hovel as his father gave him some pointers and observations.

    “I don’t like that we lost,” Ball pronounced of his debut. “But we do like that we are starting to get a substructure now… we got a small sleepy so we got to get in figure and keep going during it.”

    “First time out there… it felt alright.”

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