Lonzo to work out for Lakers only, LaVar says

The Ball family is putting a faith that Lonzo Ball‘s showcase with a Los Angeles Lakers will remonstrate his hometown group to breeze him No. 2 overall.

Doomsday unfolding over, new Lakers GM Pelinka savors lottery win

With a few wrong bounces, a Lakers could have been in lottery hell. Fortunately, their new GM is a maestro of good-luck rituals on lottery day.

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  • Ball will attend in a pre-draft examination with a Lakers only, his father, LaVar, told Lakers Nation on Tuesday.

    “That’s all we operative out for is a Lakers,” LaVar Ball said. “Just a Lakers. There’s nobody else that we need to work out for.”

    A source tighten to Lonzo Ball had told ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne that it’s been “clear from a start a preferred end is Los Angeles.”

    Ball starred in his usually deteriorate during circuitously UCLA. He also played high propagandize round during Chino Hills.

    LaVar Ball is assured that adding his son will lapse a Lakers to a postseason, that they haven’t reached given 2012-13.

    “The Lakers make a playoffs as shortly as my child gets there,” Ball told Lakers Nation.

    Lonzo Ball’s preference to skip a examination with a Boston Celtics, who reason a No. 1 pick, could have vital financial implications. The disproportion on a guaranteed rookie salary scale agreement between a No. 1 and No. 2 picks is $2,202,900, according to a common negotiate agreement. The disproportion could be some-more distinguished if taxes are considered; California has a tip state taxes in a United States during 13.3 percent, while Massachusetts’ taxes are 5.1 percent.

    A Lakers source says a group will demeanour during dozens of players with a second and 28th picks. The players underneath a strongest care during No. 2 right now are Markelle Fultz, Ball, De’Aaron Fox, Josh Jackson and Jayson Tatum.

    LaVar Ball touted Fultz as a actor a Celtics should breeze during an coming Wednesday on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed.”

    “Markelle Fultz is a ideal collect for them,” Ball said. “He’s a best player. Take him.”

    Speaking after a breeze lottery Tuesday night, Lakers ubiquitous manager Rob Pelinka remarkable there is no definite No. 1.

    “The harder call might be a initial one,” he said. “Sometimes carrying a second collect is improved than a first. We’re sitting in a illusory position.

    “I consider there are four, 5 guys that are good matched to be [drafted] during a top.”

    Lakers boss Magic Johnson pronounced a No. 2 collect gives them “a lot some-more options.”

    “I’m good during No. 2, when you’ve got this most peculiarity of talent that’s in this draft,” Johnson said. “This breeze is only not 1-5, 1-6. This breeze is 1-30. They’ve got some unequivocally good players in this draft.

    “This is one of a deepest drafts I’ve seen. We’re excited. No. 2 is good. It’s improved than not carrying a collect during all. We’re excited. When he pronounced who was No. 4, we went, ‘OK, I’m good now.’ If we get [No.] 3, I’m good. If we get [No.] 2, I’m good. If we get [No.] 1, I’m good. So it’s a good conditions to be in.”

    Pelinka reiterated that a player’s father — in this box LaVar Ball — won’t have any temperament on a team’s decision, a indicate Johnson done during a NBA breeze mix final week.

    “We’re going to weigh a players and who they are as players,” Pelinka said.

    ESPN’s Baxter Holmes and Darren Rovell contributed to this report.

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