Look At How Much Slimmer The Galaxy S8’s Bezels Are Next To The iPhone, Pixel And S7

Dbrand Skin

The Samsung Galaxy S8 subsequent to a Samsung Galaxy S7, according to a phones’ particular product pages on dbrand Skin.

If we watch smartphone reviews on YouTube, you’ve certainly listened of dbrand. The Canadian association specializes in creation “skins” (aka stickers that cover a phone) that supplement both hold and character to smartphones, and they’re always frequency “recommended” by YouTube’s tech community.

(I put selection outlines around a word endorsed given while dbrand do make mostly good products — we purchased a matte black dbrand skins for my Galaxy Note 7 and desired a fit and finish — all those “I would advise we slap a dbrand skin on a phone, couple in my outline below” form of shout-outs from YouTubers such as SuperSaf and Dom Esposito are roughly certainly paid ads. we find it waggish that all of them contend roughly a accurate same thing … C’mon, guys, brew it up.)

Anyway, given dbrand skin is by distant a tip skin-maker for smartphones for a few years now, it’s protected to assume they have inside connectors with phone companies a approach case-makers like Spiegen do. That’s since dbrand skin is means to take pre-orders for a Galaxy S8 already — they substantially already have very, unequivocally arguable information on a accurate demeanour and measure of a yet-to-be-announced phone. Dbrand is so confident, in fact, they’ve put a whole picture of a S8 on a product page.

So we got an idea: since not screengrab a picture images of several phones from dbrand’s site and review them side-by-side? We already know a Galaxy S8 will have unequivocally slim bezels, though how will they demeanour subsequent to a Galaxy S7? Or a iPhone 7? Or a hilariously vast bezel-ed Google Pixel?

You already saw adult tip on a categorical picture how a S8 should demeanour subsequent to a S7 (please note: we intentionally chose a orange skin — that is nauseous as heck in my opinion — so a bezels would mount out), and a disproportion is jarring. The S7’s bezels were already utterly slim, and a S8 creates that looks corpulent and thick.

Take a demeanour during a S8 subsequent to a iPhone 7 now (I’ve taken a autocracy to scale a images so a dual phones roughly approximates a real-life distance differences).

DBrand Skin

S8 vs iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7’s three-year-old pattern is unequivocally arrangement here. But it’s okay, Apple fanboys, a iPhone 8 will repair this.

Moving on… I’ve always suspicion a LG G3 was a aristocrat of small-bezels adult until recently (which is unequivocally considerable deliberation a G3 came out in 2014), to a indicate that we even wrote a square comparing a S8’s build to a G3, and a corresponding comparison arrange of proves my case. Check out a G3’s bezels, they keeps adult utterly good with a phone that will be expelled 3 years later.

DBrand Skin

The Galaxy S8 (left) and a LG G3.

Here is a S8 compared to a LG G6, that has impressively tiny bezels too.

DBrand Skin

S8 vs G6.

Finally, onto a phone I’ve poked fun during a most: a Google Pixel. Look, we know a Pixel has good program and a good camera, though Ron Amadeo’s theory about a Pixel’s hardware is substantially dead-on: Google didn’t have time to pattern a Pixel after Huawei deserted a offer to make a phone, so Google had to settle on existent HTC parts. That explains since a Pixel has that inexplicably hulk chin that doesn’t even have a home symbol or fingerprint scanner. There is no approach Google designers wanted a bottom chin to be that big; they only didn’t have a choice given HTC’s never been good during creation compress phones. Just demeanour during how unnecessarily large the U Ultra is (even MKBHD poked fun during a size and he very frequency take shots during products).

Ben Sin

The HTC U Ultra subsequent to a LG G6. Both phones have a 5.7-inch arrangement and were expelled within a month apart. Even factoring in a U Ultra’s second screen, a distance disproportion is comical.

So anyway, here’s a Galaxy S8, slim bezels and all, subsequent to a Pixel.

Ben Sin

Look during that chin.

I’m not even a Samsung fan — we was nitpicking on a Note 7, job it overpriced, and criticizing Samsung’s laggy software behind when a phone was removing unrestrained soap-box reviews everywhere — though a Galaxy S8 is unequivocally looking sexy. I’m going to be regulating a G6 and S8 as my daily drivers for a while.


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