Lucid Air vs Tesla Model S: Could The Newcomer Truly Be A Fierce Competition For Tesla?

Tech Times reported in Dec 2016 that Lucid Motors, before Atieva, announced a 400- to 1,000-horespower oppulance electric car called Lucid Air, that boasts carrying adult to a 400-mile range. The Lucid Air will not be in prolongation for during slightest another dual years though people already feel that it will be Tesla’s fiercest foe for a Model S.

Of course, we’ve all listened that before, generally with Faraday Future’s FF91. But no new association has even come tighten to creation Elon Musk worried, generally given Tesla is already assured adequate that it is looking into eliminating insurance and upkeep bills. Car experts, however, trust a Lucid Air is a genuine deal.

Basic Lucid Air

Much of a guesswork about Lucid Motors’ electric car pegs a cost during $100,000. The association finally finished conjecture by announcing on Mar 15 that a bottom indication of a Lucid Air will indeed sell for $52,500 after sovereign taxation credits.

“It will yield aloft comfort, a improved user interface, and improved opening than comparably labelled BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes,” Lucid Motors states.

Lucid Air Interiors-front

The bottom indication will be a 400-horsepower rear-wheel expostulate with a 240-mile range, LED multi-lens array headlights, an aluminum roof, dual trunks and a outrageous interior space for a gentle and lush drive, energy front seats, a five-seat configuration, 10 modernized airbags, 4 screens, a 10-speaker audio system, and all a hardware indispensable for unconstrained driving, not to discuss over-the-air program updates – only like Tesla!

Lucid Air interior

The association promises glorious opening for a initial electric vehicle. To safeguard that a Lucid Air is not only another prototype, a association plans to mangle belligerent for a construction of a prolongation trickery in Arizona within a initial half of 2017 and furnish a initial indication by 2018.

Lucid Air vs Model S

Unfortunately for a bottom indication of a Lucid Air, it will not have a approach foe for prolonged given Tesla announced a finish of prolongation for a Model S 60 and 60D. However, a juiced-up chronicle of a Lucid Air might have a good possibility opposite aloft versions of a Model S.

Jonathan M. Gitlin, Ars Technica
Jonathan Gitlin remarkable that Lucid Motors really delivers on a guarantee of luxury, as evidenced in a antecedent they were shown.

“The initial thing that strikes we is a car’s relations condensation […] identical distance to a Mercedes-Benz E Class on a outward though with S Class-beating space on a inside,” Gitlin wrote.

Gitlin was also tender about how remarkably organic a Lucid Air is notwithstanding being in a early stages of a growth process, distinct prototypes from other companies they have seen in a past.

Steve Hanley, Teslarati
Steve Hanley compared a bottom Lucid Air with a Model S 60 and found that a dual electric vehicles are scarcely uniformly matched, if not for a fact that Tesla dropped a Model S 60. With a Model S 60 and 60D out of a way, a Lucid Air will be competing opposite a S 75, that puts Tesla during a waste given it is during slightest $14,000 some-more expensive.

“Tesla Model S and Lucid Air compare adult utterly closely in terms of power, performance, and technology. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is always enlivening other manufacturers to build ‘compelling electric cars’ and Lucid Motors is staid to be that manufacturer that has truly stepped adult to a challenge,” Hanley writes.

Here is a video of Teslarati’s comparison.

Lucid Motors Can Compete With Tesla

From a technical specifications expelled by Lucid Motors, one can already feel that a association could presumably plea Tesla’s power in a electric car market. However, a success is still contingent on branch a Lucid Air into a reality.

We consider that Lucid Motors might indeed mount a improved possibility during severe Tesla, given – as distant as we know – it is not confronting identical financial hurdles that’s now crippling a prolongation of Tesla’s ostensible tip model. We’ll all find out for certain in 2018.

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