Lue says Cavs’ detriment to Hawks ‘just stupid’

12:53 AM ET

CLEVELAND — A diversion after a Cleveland Cavaliers dominated a Boston Celtics to take behind control of their roost atop a Eastern Conference, a Cavs once again devolved into a organisation with some-more questions than answers. Friday’s 114-100 detriment came opposite an Atlanta Hawks group that was resting all 5 of a starters.

“Obviously a bad performance,” Cavs manager Tyronn Lue pronounced after his group unsuccessful to strengthen a nine-point lead mid by a third entertain and fell behind by as many as 20 in a fourth. “Beat Boston and have a diversion that we had, and to come behind and not countenance it opposite a group that didn’t even play their guys.

“I didn’t consider we reputable them tonight. we suspicion we suspicion we’d only disaster around with a diversion until it was time to knuckle down. By that time, they already had confidence. That’s who we’ve been. That’s who we are. we hatred it.

“These games like this come behind and punch you, generally down a widen when you’re perplexing to get some rest. Trying to reason on to that No. 1 seed and removing rest, and we come out and have a opening like this, it’s not good.”

One Cavs source told ESPN it was a “most annoying detriment of a deteriorate by a lot.” Another told ESPN, “I saw it coming,” when he got breeze of a Hawks sitting their marquee guys. Yet another told ESPN of a Cavs’ up-and-down nature, “I don’t get it. we don’t f—ing get it.”

Adding repairs to insult, Kyrie Irving came divided from a diversion with concerns about his surgically remade left knee.

“After halftime my left knee only started kind of flaring up,” pronounced Irving, who finished with 18 points and 7 assists. “[Thursday] only was a terrible day for me and my knee. … It was only one of those days. Guys that have had knee medicine before know that. It was one of those days. we only did my best all of yesterday only perplexing to redeem and do all possible. So we had a good possibility of personification during a high level, and afterwards after halftime it only f—ing flared up. Excuse my language, sorry.”

Lue could have went with “sorry” to report his team’s effort. He chose “stupid” instead.

“Just stupid, man,” pronounced Lue, who compared a detriment to others in a past when a Cavs fell prosaic opposite undermanned opponents (Memphis final season; New Orleans this season). “It’s tough since as a manager you’re acid and perplexing to get a right guys out there to pierce some energy. Guys have been personification 38 and 39 minutes, and Bron, we know, he seems to have a appetite each singular night. A lot of times guys are not picking that up. Tonight is where we indispensable guys to collect adult a appetite and collect adult a slack. We only didn’t do it.”

Cleveland’s dais was outscored 55-21, with former Cav Mike Dunleavy, traded for Kyle Korver during midseason, doing many of a repairs as he scored 20 points on 6-for-9 shooting.

“I only know we didn’t honour those guys,” Lue said. “Dunleavy comes off a dais and scores 20 points. We know what he does, he shoots a basketball. We’re late removing to him, late chasing him off screens. Late on a lot of screens. They came in, they played tough and they kick us.”

With a playoffs only a week away, James was asked either a Cavs can simply chuck divided a Hawks diversion and regroup.

“I mean, do we have a choice?” James said. “You don’t have a choice. We got 3 some-more games left, we trust — Sunday, Monday, Wednesday. We don’t have a choice. We pierce on to a subsequent one and try to get improved from there.”

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