Madonna Throws Shade during Pepsi Following Kendall Jenner Ad Controversy

Madonna is vouchsafing everybody know that she’s wakeful of Pepsi‘s selling misfire by throwing some shade during a soft-drink company, that she once had beef with in a past.

Hours after a brand pulled Kendall Jenner’s protest-themed commercial, a Material Girl, 58, common a reversion print of herself holding a can of Pepsi’s opposition Coca-Cola. She captioned a 1999 Grammy Awards print with a initial place bullion award emoji, and offering a close-up of a red can to serve stress her point.

Madonna might be on group Coca-Cola these days, though she also had her really possess Pepsi commercial that caused a stir among viewers and consumers.


A post common by Madonna (@madonna) on Apr 5, 2017 during 4:25pm PDT


In Jan 1989, a singer inked a $5 million publicity understanding with Pepsi that led a association to release a two-minute television ad and featured her singing and dancing.

The sincerely harmless ad reached an estimated 250 million viewers in over 40 countries, though was subsequently revoked in Apr 1989 after it generated controversy when Madonna premiered a full-length music video for “Like a Prayer” on MTV a following day. The video’s imagery, that enclosed blazing crosses, stigmata and a betrayal of a saint, drew a madness of eremite groups and customers, who insincere it was partial of a Pepsi ad.

At a time, a Vatican cursed a video and eremite groups threatened to anathema a blurb and protest Pepsi products. Not usually did Pepsi eventually pull the blurb though a association also canceled Madonna’s sponsorship contract.

Fast brazen to benefaction day, a accumulation of people from Lena Dunham to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter have weighed in to call Jenner’s Pepsi ad tone-deaf.

In her “Live For Now Moments Anthem” commercial, a indication and Keeping Up with a Kardashians existence star leaves her print fire behind to join a impetus before handing a military officer a can of Pepsi, causing her associate protesters to explode in cheers as he takes a drink.

Many detractors accused Pepsi of blatantly appropriating a suggestion and imagery of a anti-Donald Trump resistance, Black Lives Matter and other movements in sequence to sell their product.

In response to the backfire, Pepsi defended a ad in a statement: “This is a tellurian ad that reflects people from opposite walks of life entrance together in a suggestion of harmony, and we consider that’s an critical summary to convey.”

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