Maine raccoon drowned by lady jogger in frightful encounter

A woman’s lope was cut brief in a thespian approach when a raccoon pounded her, latching onto her skin and refusing to nudge until she drowned a animal.

Rachel Borch, 21, minute a new roller-coaster knowledge in a colorful interview with a Bangor Daily News.

She pronounced she was on a lope when she speckled a lovable animal on a path. But all of sudden, a raccoon started “bounding” toward her on a slight feet path, baring a teeth.

Borch pronounced she “knew now it had to be rabid.”

So what next? She danced around it, perplexing to figure out what to do  — before she forsaken her phone.


“Imagine a Tasmanian devil,” she said, “it was terrifying.”

Borch saw a trail was too slight to run past it. By then, she says “I knew it was going to punch me.”

Borch figured she would have a biggest ability to urge herself if she used her hands to reason it down, a journal continued. But before she knew it, a raccoon sank a teeth into her ride and “wouldn’t let go.”

In a frenzy, she beheld her phone had turn entirely submerged in a reservoir where she had forsaken it. Borch, incompetent to unhitch a raccoon from her finger, suspicion holding it underwater competence help. “I didn’t consider we could suppress [the raccoon] with my unclothed hands” she recalled, though she was peaceful to try.

Borch forsaken to her knees and dragged a satirical and frantically scratching raccoon into a puddle.

“With my ride in a mouth, we only pushed a conduct down into a muck,” she said. “It was still struggling and clawing during my arms. It wouldn’t let go of my thumb.” Borch hold a animal belly-up with a conduct underwater for what she pronounced felt like an perpetuity until finally it stopped struggling and “its arms arrange of fell to a side, a chest still heaving unequivocally slowly” according to a newspaper.

Once she was means to lift her ride free, Borch says she “just bolted as quick as we could by a underbrush,” hyperventilating and in hysterics. She had to demeanour behind to make certain a raccoon wasn’t still chasing her.

“It felt like [Stephen King’s] ‘Pet Sematary,’” she recalled.

Once during home, her mother, immediately gathering her to a sanatorium to get shots. It was suggested a few days after that a animal tested certain for rabies.


Borch reportedly is set to accept one some-more shot this entrance weekend.

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