Maine curtain drowns wild raccoon in a reservoir after it pounded her

A Maine lady schooled a tough approach that raccoons are not a adorable creatures she always believed them to be.

In a stage she likened to something out of a Stephen King novel, Rachel Borch was out for a run on a wooded route nearby her home when she was pounded by a wild raccoon. Faced with carrying no other choice, she fought it off, murdering it with her unclothed hands by holding it in a reservoir of H2O as it gripped onto her palm with a teeth and clawed and scratched during her. Borch, who lives in Hope, Maine, told a Bangor Daily News that her run was lovely, typical and pacific … until it wasn’t.

“Imagine a Tasmanian devil,” a 21-year-old said. “It was terrifying.”

At that indicate on a trail too slight trail for both of them, a raccoon lunged during her. She knew now that she was going to be bitten and a function as it changed around her feet indicated that a animal was substantially rabid. It latched onto her ride with a teeth and refused to get go, a paws scratching her arms and legs and she screamed. Borch had no suspicion what to do until she beheld that she had forsaken her phone into a puddle. At that point, Borch, a vegetarian, had to do what she had to do.

“I didn’t consider we could suppress [the raccoon] with my unclothed hands,” she said, so, “with my ride in a mouth, we only pushed a conduct down into a muck.”

As it stopped moving, she pulled her ride from a mouth and “bolted as quick as we could by a underbrush,” looking over her shoulder. “It felt like ‘Pet Sematary’,” she said.

To find out if a animal was infected, Borch’s father retraced her stairs and retrieved a raccoon in a dog-food bag for authorities. They dynamic that a animal was rabid, so Borch began receiving a array of rabies shots as good as immunoglobulin and tetanus injections. Because rabies is roughly always deadly in people once they start display symptoms of a disease, Borch would have had to bear injections in any case. Her final one is due this weekend.

Most city dwellers accommodate a familiarity of raccoons on a night before rabble days, and a Centers for Disease Control news that they comment for some-more than 30 percent of all wild animal cases from 1983-2014 (followed closely by bats and skunks). Rabid raccoons are primarily found along a East Coast, from Florida to Maine. The Maine CDC reported that, as of final week, 20 animals, including raccoons, red foxes and skunks, had tested certain for rabies in 2017.

“I always suspicion of raccoons as this cute, cuddly timberland animal,” she said. “I only will never demeanour during them a same way.”

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