Man suspected of murdering Pennsylvania state guard is dead

The think in a murder of a Pennsylvania state guard was killed Saturday morning in a fight with military who had tracked him down to an unoccupied mobile home, authorities said.

Trooper Landon Weaver, 23, was killed responding to a domestic censure Friday dusk in a farming area in Huntingdon County, in executive Pennsylvania. An overnight manhunt for a think finished not distant divided Saturday morning when military cornered 32-year-old Jason Robison in a mobile home, authorities said.

Cpl. Adam Reed, a state military spokesman, told a Associated Press that Robison refused orders to obey and threatened officers on a scene, heading military to fire him. His genocide was reliable during about 10:30 a.m.

Weaver was shot while responding to a news of a protection-from-abuse defilement during a home in Juniata Township that reportedly belonged to Robison’s mother.

Weaver enlisted in a Pennsylvania State Police in Dec 2015 and was reserved to a Patrol Unit in Troop G in Huntingdon. He’s a 97th member of a Pennsylvania State Police to be killed in a line of duty.

Gov. Tom Wolf in a matter pronounced Weaver will be remembered for “his bravery, his sacrifice, and his eagerness to serve.”


In a weeks before a shooting, Robison posted anti-police comments on his Facebook page, the Centre Daily Times reported.

“The usually good patrolman is a passed cop,” he reportedly wrote in a Dec. 17 post that was deleted around 1 a.m. internal time Saturday. The post enclosed images of a military cruiser that had been concerned in an collision and an harmed officer, a journal added.

Robison was famous to authorities, as he had been arrested around a dozen times with charges trimming from elementary attack to arson, justice papers revealed.

The remote area around where a sharpened occurred has been sealed off while military officers on foot, in cars and in a helicopter hunt for a trooper’s killer.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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