Man Wakes Up To Wife Dead In Pool Of Blood: ‘Too Much Cold Medicine’ His Defense For Murder Charge?

A North Carolina male who is indicted of murdering his mother is confronting charges of murder in his case, though he can’t remember if he did it or not. Matthew Phelps, 28, told authorities that he doesn’t know what happened and that he competence have finished this in his sleep. He did tell a 911 user that “I consider we killed my wife,” though he doesn’t remember indeed doing so.

This box started with a rather weird 911 call from Phelps in a diminutive hours of Friday morning. Police contend a male was “distraught” when he told a 911 runner that his wife, Lauren, was passed on their bedroom floor, and she was lonesome in blood. Then he described carrying a dream and waking adult to this bloody stage in genuine life of his wife’s physique on a floor.

According to People Magazine, they performed the 911 call of Phelps saying, “I had a dream and afterwards we incited on a lights and she’s passed on a floor.” He continues with a 911 call by saying, “I have blood all over me and there’s a bloody blade on a bed and we consider we did it. we can’t trust this.”

He told a runner that he was fearful to get tighten to his wife, he also pronounced that she wasn’t breathing. He also said, “I’m so scared.” On a 911 call, Phelps suggested that a cold medicine he had taken before going to bed a night before competence have done him act in such a approach that he would do such a horrific thing.

What he pronounced to that 911 user was as follows.

“‘[I] Took some-more medicine than we should have,’ he said. ‘I took Coricidin Cough and Cold since we know it can make we feel good. A lot of times we can’t nap during night. So, we took some.’ He afterwards said, ‘Oh my God. She didn’t merit this.’”

According to an ABC News news that is posted during a finish of this article, Phelps and his mother were newlyweds. They were married reduction than a year when his mother was found passed on Friday. Phelps is study to turn a pastor. He complicated missions and evangelism during Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. Lauren taught Sunday propagandize locally.

According to the New York Post, Phelps initial pronounced to a Raleigh, North Carolina, 911 user is that “I consider we killed my wife.” The runner questioned that judgment saying, “What do we meant by that?” What happened.” This is when Phelps spewed onward a whole ordeal, including his cough medicine theory.

Their Facebook page tells a story with marriage cinema of this newlywed integrate and it also indicates that they common an ardour for Star Wars. The Facebook page currently is flourishing in posts from people who knew Lauren. Many common their memories of a immature lady and many common their dishonesty that she is left and a pain they were pang over her death.

Phelps is being hold on a assign of murder though bail during Wake County Detention Center, according to People. His subsequent justice date is Tuesday, though it is not famous what he skeleton to enter for a defence and it is not transparent if he’s cumulative an profession as of yet.

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