Marc Anthony Giving Blessing To Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Marriage Is Made-Up Story

Marc Anthony Alex Rodriguez HollywoodLife

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A story claiming Marc Anthony is giving Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez his blessing to marry was done up, Gossip Cop confirms. We can now display how this apparently built news came to be.

Lopez and Rodriguez spent Easter weekend in a Dominican Republic, where they were assimilated for partial of a time by a singer’s ex-husband and a father of her children, Anthony. It seemed from leaked photos and video that all parties had a good time. Now in a arise of a corner trip, HollywoodLife is purporting to have an “exclusive” about Anthony’s feelings about his ex’s new relationship.

“Now that JLo has found loyal adore with A-Rod, we can’t assistance though consternation how her ex-husband Marc Anthony feels about her new romance,” writes a webloid, that afterwards conveniently and suspiciously claims to have a “EXCLUSIVE inside dip on because a Latin thespian would acquire a famous contestant into a family.” A supposed “source” is quoted by a site as saying, “Marc would indeed give his finish blessings if A-Rod due to JLo.”

Gossip Cop questions possibly a genuine chairman tighten to Anthony would unequivocally use cocktail enlightenment nicknames like “A-Rod” and “JLo.” Frankly, we doubt possibly a opening truly has a “source” during all. We have regularly demonstrated how a blog takes a celebrity-related prohibited theme and unexpected proclaims to have disdainful sources giving them “scoop” about a subject. Rarely is this discernment ever advanced by creditable publications.

And only dual days before this story about how Anthony gets along so good with Rodriguez and is understanding of a romance, a site had an essay suggesting it was “awkward” for them to all be together. “Alex was firm to accommodate Marc during some indicate now that he’s dating JLo,” a webloid wrote during a time, cluelessly speculating about a dynamic. Now a opening magically has all a details, even observant a dual group have been pals “for a while.”

And HollywoodLies is also one of several outlets that final month secretly claimed Anthony was behind together with Shannon De Lima after mistaking a singer’s new girlfriend, Mariana Downing, for his former wife. That’s a turn of correctness and discernment (or miss thereof) we’re traffic with here. So, who unequivocally believes a online announcement has an Anthony source dishing how he’d give Lopez and Rodriguez his blessing to wed?

All these red flags stirred Gossip Cop to investigate, and we reliable what we already knew all along: Real people tighten to Anthony do not speak to webloids like HollywoodLife. Such purported sources are possibly invented and illusory or an inauthentic chairman duping outlets by sanctimonious to have legitimate information. In possibly case, a bottom line is that it’s all done up.

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