Mark Davis: Could stay in Oakland by 2019 season

Getty Images

Mark Davis was only given accede to pierce his group to Las Vegas, though pronounced he could see staying in Oakland longer than his franchise dictates.

The Raiders have one-year options on their franchise in Oakland for a 2017 and 2018 seasons, and Davis pronounced Monday they could even stay over afterwards while their building in Las Vegas is underneath construction.

While not everybody is going to be happy about those prospects, Davis pronounced he’d be peaceful to offer refunds to indignant fans who had already put down deposits for deteriorate tickets.

“Not happy, though we will do that,” he said.

But mostly, Davis seemed relieved to have a routine finalized and to have a home, after so many years of negotiating in vain with a city of Oakland.

He pronounced his father Al Davis “would be proud,” that he had taken a group to “the party collateral of a world.”

But for during slightest a subsequent dual seasons, and maybe three, he’s going to ask his aged fans in Oakland to support him.

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