Maryland mom indignant after propagandize removes 3 of son’s teeth

An indignant Maryland mom is looking for answers after her 9-year-old son’s facile propagandize private 3 of his teeth during a dental procedure.

Shanda Flemming had sealed a accede slip, though believed it was to have small Michael’s teeth cleaned, according to WJZ.

“I’m indignant about this,” a Baltimore City mom told a station. “I don’t consider that it should have happened like that.”

Michael was great in his mother’s arms as he showed a TV hire where a blank teeth were. He also pronounced he believed they were only going to purify his teeth, not mislay them.

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Shanda Flemming amenities her son Michael after 3 of his teeth were removed.

Shanda Flemming amenities her son Michael after 3 of his teeth were removed.

(CBS Baltimore)

The boy’s mom told a hire that she was not told a procession was holding place. To make matters worse, Michael missed a train home from propagandize since of a procedure.

“He walked home alone after carrying 3 teeth extracted from his mouth,” his mom told WJZ.

An central with a Baltimore Public Schools told a Daily News in an email that a sealed agree for dental services was on record for a student.

Michael shows where his teeth were removed.

Michael shows where his teeth were removed.

(CBS Baltimore)

Additionally, a central wrote that “to safeguard remoteness and belong to HIPPA regulations, we do not yield sum per medical or dental caring supposing to particular students.”

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According to WJZ, these kinds of procedures became some-more hackneyed after a child in Maryland died from an putrescent tooth 10 years ago.

“I only don’t know how a propagandize or a association can take it in their hands to do something like this to a child,” Shanda Flemming told a station.

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