Mayer might not so most be withdrawal Yahoo as holding it with her

Marissa Mayer is removing prepared to contend goodbye to Yahoo’s board, yet not indispensably to a Yahoo brand.

The association pronounced in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing Monday that it will strew roughly all that creates it Yahoo, including a name, when a understanding with Verizon closes. 

If you’re a Yahoo shareholder, we competence notice a difference, yet for Yahoo users, a consequences of Monday’s filing are minimal. 

Yahoo a association has dual vital assets: a worldwide network of internet portals, and a 15 percent interest in Chinese internet hulk Alibaba value many times that. When a devise to sell off a Alibaba stake ran into taxation complications, the association pivoted, instead distinguished a understanding to sell a portals, a brand — roughly all yet a Alibaba stake, in fact — to Verizon.

Verizon is approaching to combine Yahoo’s portal activities with AOL, that it bought in 2015.

In July, usually after Verizon announced a Yahoo deal, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong told TechCrunch: “The Yahoo code will be staying with us for a unequivocally prolonged duration of time, we’ll be investing in it.

He was certain about his attribute with Mayer, saying, “I consider we’ll be means to work unequivocally good together.”

At a time, Mayer told CNBC’s  Squawk on a Street  that “I adore Yahoo, and we wish to see Yahoo into a subsequent chapter.”

In a months given then, Yahoo has certified to dual of a biggest information breaches ever. In September, it concurred that sum of 500 million accounts had been stolen. In December, it pronounced that sum of 1 billion accounts were stolen in a apart incident.

News of a breaches tarnished Yahoo’s code and a repute of a government team and stirred reports that Verizon was seeking to renegotiate or even desert a deal.

But Monday’s SEC filing indicates that a understanding is still on.

Sparing users a difficulty of differentiating between Yahoo a brand, and Yahoo a company, a association skeleton to rename itself Altaba once a understanding goes through.

Once Verizon takes over a Yahoo portals and brand, Altaba’s categorical purpose will be as an investment car for stakes in Alibaba and in Yahoo Japan, an eccentric association of that Yahoo usually owns 35.6 percent. Most of a rest is owned by Softbank Group, a Japanese association that also owns U.S. telco Sprint and chip engineer ARM.

Rules for investment companies meant Altaba will be able to work with a smaller house after a Verizon understanding closes, and so, “immediately following a closing, a distance of a Board will be reduced to 5 directors,” from 11 today, a association pronounced in a SEC filing. In that case, Mayer and 5 others will resign, it said.

Verizon declined to criticism on Yahoo’s SEC filing and Yahoo itself was not immediately accessible to answer queries. AOL’s Armstrong, though, appears to still be certain about his operative attribute with Mayer. In December, Armstrong told Business Insider that while he could not pronounce for Mayer, he wanted her to continue to rise Yahoo’s activities during Verizon: “Hopefully, as we go forward, Marissa will play a purpose in removing Yahoo to a subsequent era of what Yahoo is going to be,” he said.

So really, it’s not Yahoo, yet Altaba, that Mayer would be leaving. And she’ll be holding many of Yahoo with her.

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