McCoy records ‘difference’ between Watkins, Matthews

At slightest one member of a Bills isn’t anxious about Buffalo trade wideout Sammy Watkins to a Los Angeles Rams on Friday.

Veteran using behind LeSean McCoy pronounced he can describe to Watkins feeling stung after being shipped divided and transposed by Jordan Matthews, who was acquired in a successive barter with a Eagles.

McCoy argued there is “obviously a difference” between Watkins and Matthews, adding: “If we review a two, it’s apparent we can determine who is better.”

Either way, it’s transparent a Bills were looking over a Watkins epoch after refusing to collect adult his pricey choice for 2018.

The wideout was expected to leave in giveaway agency, call a Bills to operative Friday’s two-headed-trade that netted a 2018 second-rounder from Los Angeles and a 2018 third-rounder from Philly to span with a first-rounder Buffalo perceived from Kansas City in a Apr barter that authorised a Chiefs to pierce adult in a breeze and squeeze quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

McCoy, however, isn’t shopping any of that as a reason to cut attract with a gifted teammate like Watkins.

“I don’t know. The good thing about that is it’s past my compensate grade,” Shady pronounced of Buffalo’s organizational approach. “Those guys make a decisions for a team. As players and coaches, they manager and we play. That’s how it works.”

McCoy competence not like it, though this new Bills regime hereditary a mess. Cleaning it adult will take time and means pain along a proceed toward what they wish will be something this group hasn’t been in many years: a playoff contender.

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