Mel B Explains Why She Threw Her Drink on Simon Cowell: He Was ‘So Rude’

No regrets! Mel B opened adult about her squabble with Simon Cowell on a Tuesday, Aug 22, part of America’s Got Talent.

Cowell, 57, done a fun during a responsibility of a former Spice Girl after wizard Demian Aditya’s attempt flopped due to a technical malfunction. “I kind of suppose this would be like Mel B’s marriage night,” he quipped. “A lot of anticipation, not most guarantee or delivery.”

The 42-year-old singer, who separate from father Stephen Belafonte progressing this year, flung her splash during Cowell before attack off set. 

Mel B told E! News that a night was a rollercoaster of emotions. “[Evie Clair] unequivocally done me cry since it done me consider about my dad, and my father recently upheld divided from cancer also, with an roughly 8 to 9 years struggle. So a story like that from such a immature lady unequivocally touches my heart,” she said. “She only sounded so pleasing and we couldn’t stop crying, so we go from that to Simon observant something so bold and inappropriate.”

She combined that AGT truly is live TV. “My tour tonight was all over a place,” she continued. “But I’m a really real, honest person, so what we see is what we get.”

Fellow decider Heidi Klum formerly told Us Weekly she’s siding with Mel B on this one. “I mean, we know, [Simon] was flattering oppressive today. So he deserves removing soppy from her,” she told Us. “I knew it was entrance too. She’s not going to take that from him.”

The model, 44, joked that it’s tough to lay between a dual stars. “I only have to be quick, always,” she said. “When we feel it coming, we don’t know. Am we going backwards, am we going forward? You have to be discerning with those two.”

America’s Got Talent front on NBC Tuesdays during 8 p.m. ET.

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