Mel B Files Restraining Order Against Ex, Claiming He Beat and Threatened Her Throughout Marriage

Melanie “Mel B” Brown has filed a proxy confining sequence opposite Stephen Belafonte, claiming that he beat, threatened and exploited her via their scarcely 10-year- marriage, PEOPLE confirms.

The thespian and TV celebrity filed a sequence on Monday, with authorities grouping Belafonte, 41, to leave a family’s Los Angeles home and to stay divided from Brown, 41, and her 3 children, Phoenix, 18, Angel, 10, and 5-year-old Madison.

In papers achieved by PEOPLE, Brown spoke of an purported Aug 2012 occurrence in that Belafonte punched and pushed her down after she achieved during shutting ceremonies for a London Olympics. She pronounced that her skin was “scabbed over from a runner burns” on a runner and he allegedly forced her to twitter that she harm herself by using in Christian Louboutin heels.

Mel B Twitter

Brown seemed to residence a occurrence in an Aug 2012 tweet: “Running in 7 in. louboutin no good!! I’m wearing Prauge on my face!!!”

News of a confining sequence comes usually weeks after Brown filed for divorce from Belafonte, requesting corner authorised and earthy control of their daughter, Madison. (Angel and Phoenix are from her relations with ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy and ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, respectively.)

TMZ initial reported news of a confining order. Belafonte has denied a claims to TMZ and pronounced he is “shocked” by a allegations.

Neither Belafonte nor Brown responded to a ask for criticism from PEOPLE.

Thank we for everyone’s kind gestures and difference of support it unequivocally does meant a lot,if anyone wants to present to st Gemmas hospice in leeds pls feel giveaway to do so they took such good caring of my father in his final few days on this earth,but we no he is in a improved place now and I’m grateful phoenix and we got to cuddle him tell him how most we adore him #restinpeacedaddy🙏

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In papers associated to a order, Brown minute years of abuse, with a initial purported occurrence occurring usually 5 months into their marriage.

Brown claimed that before a TV coming following her Dancing with a Stars finale coming in Nov 2007, Belafonte choked and slammed her opposite a building while she got prepared during home. She pronounced he would abuse her whenever she succeeded in any way, observant that he would “beat me down to let me know he was in charge.”

In Jul 2012, he allegedly indicted her of flirting with RB thespian Usher while she taped X Factor. Brown claimed Belafonte flew into a fit of rage, punching her in a face and bursting her lip. Similar reports resurfaced in 2014, that Brown and Belafonte denied during a time.

The former Spice Girl also claimed that Belafonte mostly forced her to “participate in passionate retort with him and pointless women.” She pronounced he would personally record a threesomes and after bluster to recover them to hurt her career.

She purported that Belafonte would use a tapes to extort her into carrying some-more threesomes.

Brown also claimed that Belafonte assimilated their nanny and told Brown that he wanted a lady to keep a baby and “all 3 of us live together.” She remarkable that Belafonte allegedly forced a lady to get an termination and paid her some-more than $300,000.

Is that my mouth??? Is that @officialmelb ring??

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Belafonte seemed to connote to a identical conditions in a scarcely three-year-old Instagram post, display a male hugging a profound lady as another lady kissed her baby bump.


She also purported that Belafonte has “taken millions of dollars” from her during a marriage, withdrawing income from their corner comment — full of her income — to compensate child support for his child from a prior relationship. She pronounced he also used a income to advantage a nanny and “invest in whatever entity or plan that meddlesome him.”

She also told of an occurrence in that she took an whole bottle of aspirin and, woeful her decision, attempted to call a military usually to have Belafonte allegedly retard her. He allegedly threw her into a bedroom, sealed a doorway and yelled “die bitch!” according to a documents.

Brown pronounced her motorist took her to a sanatorium a subsequent morning where she stayed for dual days.

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The thespian attempted to leave Belafonte several times, she pronounced in a documents. But he allegedly threatened to destroy her career and take her children. She pronounced that he threatened to recover “videos of a sex life and other private moments.”

“[He] threatened me with assault and threatened to destroy my life in each probable way,” she said.

The integrate secretly married in Jun 2007 in Las Vegas after 5 months of dating and renewed their vows over a year later in Nov 2008.

In a documents, Brown pronounced she was “vulnerable” when she met Belafonte, as she had usually given birth to Angel as a singular mother. She pronounced Belafonte was primarily kind to her, that she pronounced she now knows was a “grooming” tactic.

“[Belafonte’s] affability fast incited green as he became controlling, manipulative and abusive,” she said. She combined that shortly after they married, he began abusing her verbally and emotionally, job her “fat, nauseous and old.”

She pronounced he regularly called her meaningless and stupid, revelation her that no one wanted her solely him.

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