Michael Bennett: Cops drew guns on me for ‘being a black male in a wrong place during a wrong time’

Seattle Seahawks star defensive finish Michael Bennett has indicted military officers of indicating guns during him and regulating extreme force during an occurrence in Las Vegas final month.

Bennett posted a statement on his Twitter comment Wednesday, observant that he felt “terrified” and “helpless,” and announced that he is deliberation filing a polite rights lawsuit.

According to Bennett, a occurrence occurred in a early-morning hours on Aug. 27 after a Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor quarrel in Las Vegas, when military apprehended him after conference what sounded like gunshots in a swarming area.

Bennett pronounced officers forked guns during him “for doing zero some-more than simply being a black male in a wrong place during a wrong time” and systematic him to distortion down on a ground.

Bennett wrote that one officer, with his gun drawn, warned him that he would “blow my f—— control off” if he moved. Another officer tangled his knee into Bennett’s behind and handcuffed him, according to Bennett.

“The Officers’ extreme use of force was unbearable,” Bennett wrote. “I felt infirm as we lay there on a belligerent handcuffed confronting a real-life hazard of being killed. All we could consider of was ‘I’m going to die for no other reason than we am black and my skin tone is somehow a threat.'”

Bennett pronounced he was placed in a military automobile before officers reliable his identity, satisfied he was not a consider and expelled him “without any legitimate justification for a Officers’ violent conduct.”

“They apparently satisfied we was not a thug, common rapist or typical black male though Michael Bennett a famous veteran football player,” he wrote.

Bennett described a occurrence as “traumatic” during a brief coming Wednesday during a Seahawks’ facility.

“It’s a dire knowledge for me, my family and it sucks that a nation that we live in now infrequently we get profiled for a tone of your skin,” Bennett said. “It’s a tough conditions for me. Do we consider each military officer is bad? No, we don’t trust that. Do we trust there are some people out there that decider people by a tone of their skin? we do trust that.”

Police officer Jacinto Rivera told The Associated Press that Las Vegas military are checking for video and created reports though can’t immediately establish Bennett’s account. The Las Vegas Police Department also tweeted that it would residence a emanate publicly after Wednesday.

A video posted Wednesday by TMZ Sports shows a military officer putting shackles on a male who appears to be Bennett. At one indicate in a video, a male supposed to be Bennett is listened yelling to a officer: “I wasn’t doing nothing, man! we was here with my friends. They told us to get out; everybody ran. Can we answer my question, sir?”

Bennett pronounced he has defended John Burris, an Oakland-based polite rights attorney, to examine a occurrence and establish his authorised options.

Burris expelled a matter Wednesday observant that Bennett “was unarmed, solemn and not concerned in any altercations or brawl during a time a military officers arrested and threatened to use lethal force opposite him.”

“We consider there was an wrong apprehension and a use of extreme force, with a gun put to his head,” Burris told The Associated Press. “He was only in a crowd. He doesn’t splash or do drugs. He wasn’t in a fight. He wasn’t resisting. He did zero some-more or reduction than anyone in a crowd.”

Burris pronounced Bennett waited to make open his comment of a occurrence until after Burris contacted Las Vegas military final week by minute and email, seeking military annals of Bennett’s detention.

Bennett, 31, pronounced a occurrence is an instance of a secular inequality that he is protesting by sitting for a inhabitant anthem. Bennett sat by a anthem for all 4 of a Seahawks’ preseason games this summer and has pronounced he will continue doing so.

“I have always hold a clever self-assurance that protesting or station adult for probity is only simply, a right thing to do,” Bennett wrote. “This fact is unequivocally, though doubt since before each game, we lay during a inhabitant anthem–because equivalence doesn’t live in this nation and no matter how most income we make, what pursuit pretension we have, or how most we give, when we are seen as a ‘N—–,’ we will be treated that way.”

Bennett’s brother, Green Bay Packers parsimonious finish Martellus Bennett, posted in an Instagram message to his hermit that he is “glad your voice is one of a ones being heard.”

“I’m unhappy that we have to share this form of knowledge with a universe though during a same time I’m happy that it happened to we and we lived to speak about it since we all know you’re going to speak about it. Lol,” Martellus Bennett wrote. “The review is flourishing and I’m blissful your voice is one of a ones being heard. You are as genuine as they come, good during slightest how they used to come. we inspire we to Continue revelation your story and a stories of those that came before.”

Michael Bennett has been a outspoken disciple for former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a initial NFL actor to publicly criticism during a anthem final season.

Kaepernick, who stays unsigned this season, tweeted his support of Bennett on Wednesday.

“This defilement that happened opposite my Brother Michael Bennett is outrageous and unjust,” Kaepernick tweeted. “I mount with Michael and we mount with a people.”

The Seahawks have not commented on a purported incident. Seahawks core Justin Britt also tweeted his support of Bennett.

Britt has stood by Bennett’s side with a understanding palm on his shoulder while a defensive finish sat on a dais during a anthem before a Seahawks’ final 3 preseason games. Britt began doing that after Bennett sat alone on a dais during a anthem before a preseason opener.

Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of a Black Lives Matter network, expelled a matter Wednesday charity a group’s support to Bennett. Black Lives Matter has assimilated with Color of Change to start a petition seeking a Las Vegas Police Department to recover a names of a officers who allegedly assaulted Bennett and video of a incident.

ESPN’s Brady Henderson and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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