Microsoft ‘Confirms’ Plans For New Surface Phone

Once some-more Microsoft is teasing new Surface Phone hardware. Previously CEO Satya Nadella announced that 2017 would see Microsoft launch a ultimate mobile device: “We will continue to be in a phone marketplace not as tangible by today’s marketplace leaders, though by what it is that we can singly do in what is a many ultimate mobile device.”

This week saw Nadella speak to Molly Wood about a operation of topics (including Visas, a pull into a preparation market, and information privacy). He also residence mobile inclination with another confidant statement: “…when we contend we’ll make some-more phones, I’m certain we’ll make some-more phones, though they will not demeanour like phones that are there today.”

That’s an engaging quote, and total they make it transparent that Microsoft has skeleton for a hardware launch this year in a mobile space.

Ewan Spence

Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL (image: Ewan Spence)

Changing a proceed that the market looks during a device is a pivotal underline of a complicated Surface line-up. From a easel-like Surface Studio and a artistic Surface Book, to a Surface Pro and new Surface Laptop machines, Microsoft has taken a simple settlement pattern and reimagined what can be achieved with a new approach.

The Surface Laptop might be a closest to a normal design, though it hurdles a MacBook and MacBook Air machines directly on cost and desirability, What else lies inside a surrounding will be detected by reviewers in a really nearby future. Now take that proceed of starting with normal cues and afterwards pulling a designers out of their comfort section and work on something new. we consider that will be a basement of a Surface Phone.

Microsoft already has a ‘not a smartphone’ mobile product that is causing waves. Unlike other protracted existence solution, the Microsoft Hololens is a standalone computer designed to be work and operated hands free. it cam make calls, entrance a internet, and run third-party applications with ease. It’s not easy though if we are clever we could see a Hololens that is a ‘phone’ that is ‘not a phone’.

That’s only one option, I’m certain there are countless concepts inside a investigate labs trialling AR ideas, stretchable displays, extraordinary hinges, and some-more enigmatic touches. With really small marketplace share and low expectations of success, Microsoft has a eventuality (and arguably a accede of a market) to try some new hardware.

It’s an engaging angle. we could see this working, though during a same time I’d happily disagree that Microsoft would launch a anxiety settlement that puts some-more concentration on program and cloud interfaces than hardware design. The law is expected to be somewhere between those dual extremes.

As to a launch date, a Redmond-based association might have announced an eventuality on May 23rd though we don’t consider that a Windows 10-powered smartphone is going to uncover adult before a finish of a year. If we are looking for an suitable time for Microsoft to recover a smartphone that shows off a Windows 10 height on a mobile handset to best effect, that would be a launch of a Redstone 3 – the Windows 10 refurbish due to be launched late Q3/early Q4 in 2017. This will offer many new facilities that are focused on a mobile experience. With new program comes a eventuality to sell new hardware. Can Nadella have his warn prepared for September? His new comments advise that new hardware for 2017 is still on course.

Now review some-more about Microsoft’s plan with a new Surface Laptop…

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