Microsoft’s cloud concentration could meant nonetheless some-more layoffs

There’s also no word on how this affects Microsoft’s Surface division, that has seen solid growth until early this year, when sales forsaken by 26 percent. However, Microsoft chalked that adult to increasing foe and a aging lineup of devices. Since then, Microsoft has unveiled a new Surface Pro and a all-new Surface Laptop, that has generally met with solid reviews.

Last year, Microsoft laid off COO Kevin Turner, who oversaw a large organisation of 51,000 employees dedicated to sales, marketing, operations and corporate technology. The multiplication was subsequently damaged into pieces with Judson Althoff streamer a business sales division. Althoff recently criticized Microsoft’s proceed to offered Azure, a cloud computing platform, observant it was still regulating decades-old strategies grown for earthy software.

Last year around this time, Microsoft pronounced it would cut 2,850 jobs, shortly after vouchsafing 1,850 staff go — all mostly associated to a pretty-much-defunct smartphone business. The timing for a latest layoffs isn’t a coincidence, as a company’s mercantile year is scarcely over and it’s about to recover gain for a final quarter. The association now employs around 121,500 people, including 10,000 from a $26.2 billion LinkedIn acquisition.

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