Mike Mayock’s pick-by-pick breeze analysis

Mike Mayock breaks down each preference in a 2017 NFL Draft, from a predicted picks to a furious trades. Follow along subsequent as we refurbish live!

33. Kevin King, CB, Green Bay Packers (from Cleveland Browns)

Analysis: “This immature male is today’s NFL corner. His fasten was unequivocally fun to watch. … I’m not certain his mix speed and his football speed are a genuine thing. But a single-high teams, a teams that play a lot of high giveaway safety, are gonna adore him. His ability to press and his ability to find a football are even better. … His best football is forward of him.”

34. Cam Robinson, T, Jacksonville Jaguars (from Seattle Seahawks around San Francisco 49ers)

Analysis: “This is a towering of a man. … He’s got length and an ability to play right tackle, play left tackle or finish adult inside. He can hook for a large man. My regard with him is he gets overextended. He struggles with inside transformation especially. He’s had some penalties on tip of that. Probably given a top-15 talent forsaken down to No. 34 in a draft.”

35. Malik McDowell, DT, Seattle Seahawks (from Jacksonville Jaguars)

Analysis: “This child is means genetically. He played both inside and out, yet he runs prohibited and cold. … I’ve had an awful lot of coaches contend if we can clear a intensity in this kid, we can have something special. Pete Carroll has always finished a good pursuit of holding these forms of guys and removing a best.”

36. Budda Baker, S, Arizona Cardinals (from Chicago Bears)

Analysis: “That’s a football actor right there. … He had dual intensity first-round corners on possibly side. His fasten was substantially better. Starting nickel or clever safety. The regard is his tiny support and his turn skills.”

37. Zay Jones, WR, Buffalo Bills (from Los Angeles Rams)

Analysis: “I suspicion along with Haason Reddick, he rubbed a routine improved than anybody in college football. He’s got hands and toughness. … People suspicion he couldn’t run given many of his offense was underneath. I’ll tell we right now, he ran divided from people during a Senior Bowl. He went from a third- or fourth-round preference to a high second-round given he devoted a process.”

38. Forrest Lamp, G, Los Angeles Chargers

Analysis: “I suspicion his Alabama fasten was a singular many widespread descent line opening I’ve seen opposite that front in 5 years. … He’s gonna be a core or a ensure during a subsequent level.”

39. Marcus Maye, S, New York Jets

Analysis: “This ties into a news that a Jets are looking to trade Calvin Pryor, a clever safety. And it creates we consternation about a destiny of Marcus Gilchrist.”

40. Curtis Samuel, WR, Carolina Panthers

Analysis: “I consider he’s going to be a wideout with them and they’ll pierce him around. In my records underneath far-reaching receiver, we have Kelvin Benjamin and who else? They indispensable energetic descent players and they only combined two.”

41. Dalvin Cook, RB, Minnesota Vikings (from Cincinnati Bengals)

Analysis: “Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer did their task and vetted all of these using backs. Dalvin Cook is a first-round talent who slipped into a second turn only given of a off-the-field issues. … When we put his fasten on, he’s special. He’ll make a disproportion in Minnesota.”

42. Marcus Williams, S, New Orleans Saints

Analysis: “They got a dilemma in a initial turn with Marcus Lattimore. Now they get a giveaway safety, a center-fielder. They’ve got to impact a pass game. They were by distant a misfortune invulnerability in football opposite a pass.”

43. Sidney Jones, CB, Philadelphia Eagles

Analysis: “Popular choice in Philadelphia. Before he got hurt, Philly wanted Sidney Jones during No. 14. … He reminds me of Marcus Peters, another Washington Husky. What we adore about him is he’s got instincts, he’s got turn skills and he will tackle even yet he’s gaunt during 186.”

44. Gerald Everett, TE, Los Angeles Rams

Analysis from NFL Network’s Brian Billick: “They’ve got to fill in and around Jared Goff. … Obviously going to be a red section aim for them. Going to have to get a small improved during a indicate of attack. He’s going to be a pierce guy, yet he’s a good athlete.”

45. Adam Shaheen, TE, Chicago Bears

Analysis from NFL Network researcher Daniel Jeremiah: “You speak about someone who’s roughly 280 pounds that is jaunty adequate to run like this, it looks like he’s personification with middle-school people. … He’s a special talent. You demeanour during Shaheen’s background, like many parsimonious ends, he can hoop.”

46. Quincy Wilson, CB, Indianapolis Colts

Analysis: “Quincy Wilson is a large press corner. What we like is he’s block and studious during a line of scrimmage. we would only like to see him be some-more earthy in a run game. Get off blocks and make tackles.”

47. Tyus Bowser, LB, Baltimore Ravens

Analysis: “He’s Haason Reddick, yet not as polished. On initial down, he can play off a line of scrimmage. In sub-packages, he’s a joker, he’s a genuine good chess piece. His best football is forward of him.”

48. Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals (from Minnesota Vikings)

Analysis: “Cincinnati’s had a story of Marvin Lewis and his guys opening their arms adult and observant we can hoop those kind of guys, we have a right infrastructure. Personally, if I’m a GM, he’s not on my board. As shortly as we see that video, he’s off. But if we wish to hear about a football player, I’ll tell we what he is. The football actor is a top-15 collect in any draft. … What I’m perplexing to contend is he’s flattering damn special as a football player.”

49. Ryan Anderson, LB, Washington Redskins

Analysis: “Ryan Anderson is an bomb dilemma rusher. … He sets a earthy edge. He translates speed to appetite improved than any dilemma rusher in this draft. … He’s a precedence player. He gets underneath we and knocks your jock on a ground. we like him in a run game. we like his appetite in a pass diversion and he’s an all-day sucker. Really good football player.”

50. Justin Evans, S, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Analysis: “He’ll strike you, yet he’ll also skip some tackles. He’s a unequivocally assertive guy. It’s all-or-nothing when he comes to tackle and he also has good operation on a behind end. When we demeanour during Tampa Bay, Justin Evans comes in, competes day one and ends adult being their starting giveaway safety.”

51. Demarcus Walker, DE, Denver Broncos

Analysis from NFL Network’s Brian Billick: “We pronounced they have to residence that front seven. … They’re still gonna win with invulnerability in Denver. Replenish and supplement to that defensive line. This positively fills that build.”

52. DeShone Kizer, QB, Cleveland Browns (from Tennessee Titans)

Analysis: “In 23 starts, what we saw this year, was that when a diversion got into a fourth entertain and a vigour got on, we suspicion he played his misfortune football given we consider he was perplexing to do much. What I’d like to see occur is no pressure. They’re gonna design him to come in and compete. … But I’d adore to see him have a possibility to be in a unequivocally good quarterback room, take his time and learn how to play this game.”

53. Teez Tabor, CB, Detroit Lions

Analysis: “Teez Tabor’s a good football player. … He ran poorly, yet that doesn’t matter during this point. Think about what Detroit is doing: Darius Slay on one side, D.J. Hayden was signed. Tabor’s going to come in and compete.”

54. Raekwon McMillan, LB, Miami Dolphins

Analysis from NFL Network researcher Daniel Jeremiah: “There were some questions about his athleticism, yet afterwards he shows adult during a mix and ran many faster than any one had anticipated. … They move in Lawrence Timmons as a giveaway agent, they re-sign Kiko Alonso and now they have only brought in McMillan to get those linebackers all squared divided in Miami.”

55. Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, New York Giants

Analysis from NFL Network’s Charles Davis: “You saw final year what Damon Harrison gave a Giants inside and here comes Dalvin Tomlinson. When we watched a Clemson diversion this year, Dalvin Tomlinson was a best actor on a margin for Alabama. Very consistent. Stout during a indicate of attack. Can give we some pass rush inside and fall a pocket.”

56. Obi Melifonwu, S, Oakland Raiders

Analysis: “Now we’re removing into a weird zone. He’s a genetic freak. we suspicion his fasten was unequivocally solid. What we like is he’s a matchup player. … His transformation skills for his length, his ability to get in and out of breaks, his tackling, he’s got first-round talent all-day long.”

57. Zach Cunningham, LB, Houston Texans

Analysis: “Another freaky guy. He’s got to be off a turn and protected. The dual questions we had are a lot of missed tackles and no interceptions in 36 games. But we adore a athlete.”

58. Ethan Pocic, C, Seattle Seahawks

Analysis: “Great collect for them. They have not been a same given they mislaid Max Unger. … He’s smart. He gets adult to that second turn that we need during a core position. This is going to waken them in a inside. Something they’ve indispensable given they mislaid Max Unger.”

59. Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE, Kansas City Chiefs

Analysis: “You wanna speak about genetic freaks, folks. Step right up. we had a DC tell me when he’s a initial man off a bus, he looks so good, he should be collect No. 0. But he’s gonna be about a year away.”

60. Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Dallas Cowboys

Analysis: “Awuzie was a top dilemma remaining on my board. He played outside, yet kicked inside. You can see him as a nickel blitzer. He can also play reserve given of his toughness.”

61. Josh Jones, S, Green Bay Packers

Analysis from Jeremiah: “Josh Jones is somebody that can play some dilemma and can also play safety. He tested intensely well. He’s another one that will strike you. He’s a genuine earthy football player. … He’s a extensive contestant and a Packers adore cross-training guys, corners and safeties. Here’s another one.”

62. JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

Analysis: “That’s engaging given that Martavis Bryant was only backed from his suspension. … He’s kind of a smaller chronicle of Mike Williams. Big body, good locate radius, competes, good in-game awareness. we like him.”

63. Dion Dawkins, G, Buffalo Bills (from Atlanta Falcons)

Analysis: “There’s a right tackle position open in Buffalo. He was a converted defensive tackle, so his best football is forward of him on a descent side of a ball. Powerful point-of-attack player. He can flog inside or play right tackle.”

64. Taylor Moton, G, Carolina Panthers (from New England Patriots)

Analysis: “He’s a right tackle or a guard. we desired his diversion opposite Illinois. He played opposite Dawuane Smoot and rubbed him.”

65. Larry Ogunjobi, DT, Cleveland Browns

Analysis: “He’s a discerning one-gap-and-go guy. He affects a pass game. The problem is he can play adult or down to a competition. When we see a best of what this man can do, he’s a starting three-technique. But he’s got to be some-more unchanging and improved with his palm use.”

66. Akhello Witherspoon, CB San Francisco 49ers

Analysis: “You adore a distance and a speed multiple that he brings to a table. … Witherspoon is a many intriguing of all of Colorado’s defenders. we also consider he is a many unsuitable of all of them.”

67. Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints (from 49ers by Bears)

Analysis: “He could not have gotten a improved compare for his talents with a play-caller and a complement than what Sean Payton runs in New Orleans. What he could do with Reggie Bush out of a backfield — run a ball, chuck it to him, put him in opposite mismatches — they can do with Kamara. They’re gonna need that if Adrian Peterson and Mark Ingram are gonna run a ball. This is what he gives them.”

68. Dawuane Smoot, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars

Analysis from Billick: “You can’t have adequate defensive linemen. This guys doesn’t have a lot of sacks. But he’s unequivocally physical. Not a unequivocally voluptuous pick, yet he’s got a large upside and a high motor.”

69. Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams

Analysis: “He’s an modernized route-runner. we adore his hands and his edge. Very normal speed. His three-cone was one of a best of a combine, definition he can get in and out of breaks. Against dual Pac-12 teams, he held a turn 27 times with 6 touchdowns, so don’t give a ‘level of competition’ with Kupp.”

70. Pat Elflein, C, Minnesota Vikings (from Jets)

Analysis: “One of a many technically modernized descent lineman in this draft. He’s not a best contestant in a world, yet he’s technically proficient. He’s one of those guys that will play 10 years in a NFL. we adore a fact that he can play core and both guards. Really plain collect by a Vikings.”

71. Dan Feeney, G, Los Angeles Chargers

Analysis: “Really plain interior descent lineman. we consider he’s a healthy right guard. You adore to see a large guys when they can dump a hips and bend. This is a good collect for a Chargers. You can tell there’s a strong bid to get Philip Rivers strike less.”

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