Ming-Chi Kuo Predicts iPhone 8 Will Omit Touch ID Entirely, Come in Limited Color Options

KGI Securities researcher Ming-Chi Kuo now done 10 predictions associated to a 2017 entrance of a “iPhone 8,” “iPhone 7s,” and “iPhone 7s Plus,” that are approaching to be announced in Sep and launch someday thereafter (via StreetInsider).

Kuo’s predictions now mostly tumble in line with all a rumors we’ve been conference about a 2017 iPhones over a past few months, with a few new tidbits that advise a iPhone 8 will be industry-leading in terms of a edge-to-edge design, come in singular tone options, and that Apple might be stealing Touch ID totally from a OLED smartphone.

A multiple of leaked iPhone 8 tools around Benjamin Geskin
According to Kuo, a iPhone 8 will have “the top screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone now accessible worldwide,” interjection to a extreme rebate in bezels and an edge-to-edge arrangement that we’ve recently been saying in several renders. A “notch” for a front-facing camera and sensors will be a usually conspicuous partial of a iPhone 8’s bezel design, Kuo said.

Kuo’s new predictions also continue to uphold a iPhone 8’s miss of a earthy Home button, yet he goes on to state that Touch ID will not be incorporated into a OLED smartphone’s display. The researcher didn’t yield any discuss of Touch ID relocating elsewhere on a iPhone 8, like a behind of a device or close symbol as has been formerly rumored and mostly debunked.

Kuo instead referenced modernized facilities like “3D intuiting for facial recognition,” suggesting Apple is prepared to embankment Touch ID totally for a new form of biometric security. The researcher pronounced that Apple is still confronting technical hurdles with implementing Touch ID into a full-screen front-facing display.

“We envision a OLED indication won’t support fingerprint recognition, reasons being: (1) a full-screen pattern doesn’t work with existent capacitive fingerprint recognition, and (2) a scan-through ability of a under-display fingerprint resolution still has technical challenges, including: (i) requirement for a some-more formidable row pixel design; (ii) unsatisfactory scan-through of OLED row notwithstanding it being thinner than LCD panel; and (iii) enervated scan-through opening due to overlayered row module. As a new OLED iPhone won’t support under-display fingerprint recognition, we now do not pattern prolongation ramp-up will be behind again (we formerly projected a ramp-up would be deferred to late Oct or later).”

Here’s Kuo’s full list of iPhone 8 predictions:

1: Apple will hurl out 3 iPhone models in 2H17, including an all-new pattern 5.2” (or 5.8” depending on a clarification of shade distance in use) OLED iPhone LCD models including 4.7” 5.5” (front form cause pattern identical to stream ones).

2: OLED iPhone will adopt full-screen design, with a top screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone now accessible worldwide (thanks to a nick arrangement design); a OLED indication will also come with a practical Home button, yet a symbol will not support fingerprint recognition.

3: OLED iPhone will support 3D intuiting for facial approval softened selfie quality.

4: OLED iPhone 5.5” LCD iPhone will both come with DRAM ability of 3GB (for dual-camera requirements), while 4.7” chronicle will usually use 2GB DRAM (for usually singular camera).

5: Three new models will all come with 64GB and 256GB storage options.

6: All 3 new models will have a Lightning port; however, there will be an embedded USB-C energy smoothness IC for aloft charging efficiency.

7: The outlay energy of a receiver orator of OLED iPhone will be some-more unchanging to emanate improved stereo effects.

8: To say a boutique image, we consider a OLED chronicle will offer fewer options for surrounding colors than LCD iPhone models.

9: We envision October-November August-September as prolongation ramp-up schedules of OLED iPhone LCD iPhone, respectively. “For optimized promotional effect, we consider Apple might betray a 3 models concurrently in September, yet a launch date of a OLED chronicle might route that of LCD models, and supply narrowing might not urge before 1H18.”

10: We foresee shipments of a 3 new models in 2017F will be 80-85mn units, with an equal separate between OLED LCD versions.

Another new tidbit includes Kuo’s faith that a iPhone 8 will come in fewer tone options than a iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, that a researcher pronounced will assistance Apple say a OLED iPhone’s “boutique image.”

Otherwise, Kuo’s predictions tumble in line with prior reports we’ve seen on a 2017 iPhones, including 64GB and 256GB storage capacities, 3GB of RAM for iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s Plus and 2GB of RAM for iPhone 7s, and a Lightning pier with a further of USB-C Power Delivery for faster charging.

Kuo still believes that all iPhones will be suggested in September, yet a iPhone 8 will see a far-reaching accessibility good after a LCD models interjection to a after prolongation ramp-up schedule. In May, Kuo likely that a “worst box scenario” is also possible, where “severe supply shortages” will insist via 2017 for users looking to get their hands on iPhone 8, with supply narrowing not improving until a initial entertain of 2018.

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