More Fresh Hell for Uber as Jeff Immelt Takes Himself Out of a Running for CEO

Uber’s contentious, scandal-plagued C.E.O. hunt took another strike Sunday, as General Electric authority Jeff Immelt announced that he’s holding himself out of a running. “I have motionless not to pursue a care position during Uber,” Immelt tweeted, a day after what competence have been a final-round talk with a company’s board. Either Immelt knew a assembly went badly and wanted to mislay himself to save face, or he motionless he didn’t wish to be obliged for overhauling a ride-hailing giant’s embattled picture after all.

According to Axios’s Dan Primack, Immelt’s station might have been undermined by his attribute with former C.E.O. Travis Kalanick, who is pronounced to have adored him for a position. Benchmark, Uber’s largest outward shareholder, recently sued Kalanick for fraud, seeking to keep him off a house and forestall him “Steve Jobs-ing it” (as Kalanick reportedly told several people he was perplexing to do) and retaking his title. While some factions of a Uber house have remained understanding of Kalanick, others might have been disturbed that Immelt, 61, would only be a placeholder to reason a doorway for Kalanick’s return.

Meg Whitman, a C.E.O. of HP, is pronounced to still be subsequent in a running, too. Although she tweeted herself out of a foe in July, Primack reports that Benchmark is still attempting to woo her back—and might have build adequate house support to get her a gig. With Uber’s proclamation to employees that it wants a new executive in place by Labor Day, time is quickly using out for a leaderless $70 billion association to get itself behind on lane after a prolonged summer of scandal.

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