More than half of American adults have attempted marijuana, check finds

(ABC NEWS) — A infancy of American adults have attempted pot during slightest once in their lives, according to a new Marist check that was conducted in partnership with Yahoo.

The check found that 52 percent of U.S. adults have attempted pot during slightest once and 56 percent of Americans find a drug “socially acceptable.”

While 8 out of 10 Americans strongly support legalizing medical marijuana, there is a transparent order over a legalization of recreational marijuana; Forty-nine percent of American adults support legalization while 47 percent conflict it.

Dr. Donald Abrams, an oncologist during University of California San Francisco who has complicated marijuana, pronounced a high commission of people in preference of medicinal pot is not surprising.

Many “have had family members or friends who have benefited from a use medicinally,” Abrams said. “I hear it all a time.”

The check comes as some-more states are legalizing both recreational and medicinal marijuana. California was a initial state to legalize medical pot in 1996 and now 29 states have laws providing for medicinal pot or cannabis and 8 states have upheld laws legalizing recreational use of a drug in some form.

Despite some-more people carrying entrance to a drug, only 14 percent of Americans over a age of 18 contend they use pot frequently or during slightest once or twice a month. The check also finds that a tarnish is still compared with a drug.

Overall, 70 percent of check respondents trust their relatives would be unfortunate to learn they were regulating pot recreationally.

In comparison, a check found that 58 percent of relatives consider their children would debate if they found out their mom or father enjoyed pot recreationally.

Just 39 percent of relatives contend their children have attempted or now uses marijuana.

That series is roughly loyal in reverse, with only 36 percent of Americans observant during slightest one primogenitor has attempted or frequently uses marijuana.

Ethan Nadelmann, executive executive of a non-profit Drug Policy Alliance, that focuses on drug process reform, pronounced some relatives might censor recreational drug use over concerns they will set a bad example.

“You go to someone’s residence … we have a relatives share a corner and down a gymnasium a teen will share a corner and conjunction will know,” he said.

Nadelmann pronounced that changes in how pot is ingested might also minister to how people perspective a drug.

“As pot has been supposed medically, it’s reduction about a pot high,” Nadelmann said, indicating out that people might now increasingly see aged family members use a drug to assistance cope with a accumulation of ailments.

Americans do have concerns about a health risks of marijuana, though those concerns dark in comparison to concerns over cigarettes and alcohol. Fifty-one percent of Americans consider expenditure of pot is a health risk. However, distant some-more Americans contend celebration ethanol frequently (72 percent) is a hazard to health over unchanging pot use (20 percent.)

More Americans also consider that unchanging tobacco use (76 percent) is distant some-more unsure than unchanging pot use (18 percent.)

The check was finished by contemplating 1,122 adults between Mar 1 by Mar 7 of this year. The Marist Poll was sponsored and saved in partnership with Yahoo. Results are statistically poignant within ±2.9 commission points.

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