NASA Just Called Out Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop-Approved ‘Healing Stickers’

NASA usually fact-checked Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s lifestyle website about a wearable recovering stickers a website was promoting.

Goop said in a Thursday post that Body Vibes’ wearable stickers, that cost around $60 per pack, are “made with a same conductive CO element NASA uses to line space suits so they can guard an astronaut’s vitals during wear,” Gizmodo reports. The GOOP post went on to contend that a wearables come “pre-programmed to an ideal frequency, permitting them to aim imbalances.”

NASA responded to a explain revelation CNN Money that CO materials don’t line a suits and even further, a stream spacesuit does not have any CO fibers.

“Not usually is a whole grounds like lizard oil, a proof doesn’t even reason up,” Mark Shelhamer, a former arch scientist during NASA tellurian investigate division, told Gizmodo. “If they foster healing, because do they leave outlines on a skin when they are removed?”

Goop private a NASA anxiety after Gizmodo primarily reported on a doubtful claim. They have given released a matter observant their recommendations do not paint a “formal endorsement,” CNN Money reports.

“The opinions voiced by a experts and companies we form do not indispensably paint a views of [Goop],” a code said. “Based on a matter from NASA, we’ve left behind to a association to scrutinise about a explain and private a explain from a site until we get additional verification” a matter read.

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