NASA loses the arch scientist Ellen Stofan

NASA has sensitively suggested that a arch scientist, Ellen Stofan, has left a space group for other ‘adventures.’ The tidbit of info was published as partial of a prolonged QA with a arch scientist, yet Stofan herself did prove her skeleton with a remark during an astrobiology conference progressing this month. It isn’t transparent because she has left a space agency, nor either NASA has someone else lined adult to take her place and what it will do in a meantime.

Stofan initial mentioned a devise during a National Academies’ Space Studies Board conference in California progressing this month, during that time her name poster fell off a podium. Stofan reportedly burst a fun about it, saying, “I am withdrawal in dual weeks, so we theory that descending pointer is some denote of that.”

It appears Stofan strictly left her purpose on or around Dec 20th, with NASA sensitively confirming that in an talk it posted on Tumblr. The space group has merely pronounced that Stofan is “departing for new adventures,” that doesn’t tell us much. She has a prolonged story with a space agency, and was allocated NASA’s arch scientist in Aug 2013.

The large doubt now is what NASA has in store for a entrance months, namely what it will do in Stofan’s deficiency and either it already has a inheritor planned. The depart happened only before a new presidential administration comes into power, and a many questions surrounding that — about NASA’s destiny and a budgets it will get, that is — leaves a large doubt symbol to interpretation a year.


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