NASCAR drops argumentative ‘overtime-line’ designation

NASCAR has forsaken its much-criticized “overtime line,” effective immediately.

The fact that drivers, fans and analysts immediately praised a pierce shows how unpopular — and treacherous — a overtime line has been given NASCAR introduced it to start a 2016 season.

The judgment of an overtime line is not going divided — a designation is only being changed to a start/finish line as a competition earnings to a normal process of attempting green-white-checkered finishes. In a tweak to that aged rule, if a counsel army a competition to go into overtime, competitors will make an total series of attempts to finish a competition underneath green, instead of a limit of 3 attempts underneath a aged rule.

“NASCAR has been looking during a overtime procession for utterly some time,” NASCAR Executive Vice President Steve O’Donnell pronounced in a statement. “After many discussions with pivotal total via a industry, we commend that carrying a start/finish line offer as a customary overtime line position will advantage a competition — and, many importantly, a fans.”

The position of a aged overtime line, that sundry from lane to lane on a backstretch, caused most difficulty among everyone from fans to announcers in a promote booth.

NASCAR on NBCSN analyst Dale Jarrett told NASCAR America Wednesday that a aged line “never done any sense.”

“We are still going to have total attempts to finish races. That’s a one thing that doesn’t change,” Jarrett said. “It’s still going to be in a hands of NASCAR to establish when they are going to chuck a counsel dwindle if something is function behind a leader.

“There is still going to be debate along a way, though we do extol them for going behind to this. A line somewhere on a behind straightaway never done any sense. Everyone now knows, from a commencement of a race, where a overtime line is. You cranky it each lap.”  

Fellow NASCAR on NBCSN researcher Kyle Petty pronounced a line confused fans.

“It was so tough to uncover a aged overtime line to fans,” Petty told NASCAR America. “The man sitting in a grandstand, he couldn’t see it. Put a line behind where we can see it. Bring it behind to a start/finish line.”

The line had led to argumentative finishes as well, with some wondering if NASCAR waited to chuck a counsel after crashes until a personality had crossed a line, therefore finale a race. Yet a line was itself spawned by controversy; the driver’s council, a group of drivers that advise on changes in a sport, advocated a line after frightful crashes on green-white-checkered restarts during Daytona and Talledega.

“Driver legislature came adult with a overtime line,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted Wednesday. “I was in complicated preference of it, during Daytona and Dega in particular. It unsuccessful as a solution.”

NASCAR did not divulge either it planned to use a opposite overtime-line chain during a dual restrictor-plate tracks, given a singular and dangerous inlet of restarts there.

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