NBA Devil’s Advocacy: The Argument for Top 10 Free Agents Bolting This Summer

    Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

    FA Type: Unrestricted

    Age: 27

    2016-17 Salary: $12,250,000


    If we consider about it, Serge Ibaka doesn’t know these Toronto Raptors. To them, he’s a hired gun. A midseason boost. A stranger, basically.

    Does he unequivocally wish to re-up with a group he assimilated dual months before a finish of a year?

    These Raptors seem respectful (and they are, because: Canada), and this ubiquitous manager of theirs, Masai Ujiri, builds winners wherever he goes. But to my eye, he’s a little too smart. Ujiri wins each deal, so we can be certain if he re-signs Ibaka, he’ll be doing it during reduction than marketplace value.

    Seriously, try to consider of a final trade or agreement traffic that went south on Ujiri.

    Plus, Ibaka can’t be certain Kyle Lowry is adhering around. Yes, a Raps have Bird rights on both, so a top isn’t an issue. But there’ll be a complicated taxation strike if this register stays intact, and that’ll hamstring a organization’s ability to supplement talent in a future.

    Lowry is already 31, and he’s a male in Toronto. They’re going to max him out and understanding with a consequences of his approaching decline. And when he slips, Ibaka could be stuck, and there won’t be an easy approach for a group to get improved since it’ll have capped itself out.

    The fit here, right now, is fantastic. Ibaka can play some stretch-5, mop adult on invulnerability for Jonas Valanciunas and work in unison with one of a best backcourts in a East. But there’s a whole universe out there where his ability set is in high demand.

    B/R’s Dan Favale called him a “O.G. of floor-spacing shot-blockers.” The O.G.!

    Serge, you’ve still got juice!

    You only done about $12 million in 2016-17. That’s peanuts. This is your initial ever possibility during unlimited giveaway agency. Embrace it!

    Get out there and collect those max offers. See if a Los Angeles Clippers wish to start over. Ask a Los Angeles Lakers if they’d like to get crazy. Get those cheekbones to Hollywood, baby.

    Ibaka competence not get a max offer from a Raptors, and even if he does, this is a group whose window is already closing.

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