NBA Schedule 2017-18: Team-by-Team Record Predictions and Playoff Odds

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One of a busiest offseasons in new memory shook adult a NBA landscape dramatically, yet one thing stays transparent notwithstanding flurries of high-profile actor movement: The Golden State Warriors will lapse to a hardwood in Oct as a undeniable favorites to repeat as champions. 

That pretension invulnerability will start Oct. 17 opposite a Houston Rockets, and it will be tracked closely by a San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers as a inspired container of contenders hunkers down and tries to display flaws in a Warriors’ conflict a year after unwell to do so. 

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Beyond a Warriors, there are several other storylines to track.

Among them: Can a Boston Celtics revenge final year’s Eastern Conference Finals detriment to a Cavaliers? Will a Milwaukee Bucks make a leap? Are a Philadelphia 76ers means of staying healthy and contending for a playoff spot? 

Out West, a concentration will be on either or not James Harden and Chris Paul can form a backcourt partnership that legitimately threatens a Warriors’ reign. Ditto for a Thunder with Russell Westbrook and Paul George

Below, we’ll yield a relapse of a factors during play in any conference, finish with projections for any team’s record, postseason probabilities and championship odds, pleasantness of BetOnline (via OddsShark). 


Eastern Conference

  • 1. Boston Celtics (57-25), 100 percent playoff probability, 15/2 pretension odds
  • 2. Cleveland Cavaliers (51-31), 100 percent playoff probability, 5/1 pretension odds
  • 3. Washington Wizards (50-32), 100 percent playoff probability, 40/1 pretension odds
  • 4. Milwaukee Bucks (49-33), 100 percent playoff probability, 50/1 pretension odds
  • 5. Toronto Raptors (47-35), 100 percent playoff probability, 50/1 pretension odds
  • 6. Miami Heat (44-38), 90 percent playoff probability, 80/1 pretension odds
  • 7. Charlotte Hornets (43-39), 65 percent playoff probability, 125/1 pretension odds
  • 8. Philadelphia 76ers (41-41), 50 percent playoff probability, 80/1 pretension odds
  • 9. Detroit Pistons (37-45), 45 percent playoff probability, 150/1 pretension odds
  • 10. Orlando Magic (34-48), 35 percent playoff probability, 100/1 pretension odds
  • 11. Brooklyn Nets (30-52), 5 percent playoff probability, 750/1 pretension odds
  • 12. Indiana Pacers (30-52), 5 percent playoff probability, 200/1 pretension odds
  • 13. New York Knicks (26-56), 5 percent playoff probability, 150/1 pretension odds
  • 14. Atlanta Hawks (24-58), 0 percent playoff probability, 200/1 pretension odds
  • 15. Chicago Bulls (20-62), 0 percent playoff probability, 250/1 pretension odds

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The East is mostly in a state of flux, yet one thing seems clear: The Cavaliers and Celtics are firm to finish one-two in some ability for a second year in a row.

Last season, it was a Celtics who edged out a Cavs for a East’s No. 1 seed—although that delight valid irrelevant in a Eastern Conference Finals when Cleveland throttled an injury-plagued Boston organisation in 5 games. 

But now there’s a purify slate. 

And this time around, a Celtics are armed with some-more firepower after they combined Gordon Hayward and No. 3 altogether collect Jayson Tatum to a core that already featured Isaiah Thomas, Jaylen Brown, Jae Crowder and Al Horford

“I consider I’m a versatile actor offensively and defensively, and that will assistance us to have guys personification mixed positions,” Hayward pronounced of a ability set he’ll pierce to a Celtics, per’s Ian Thomsen. “I can start a offense; we can play with a ball, yet a ball.” 

In a subsequent tier, there are 3 clubs who figure to manoeuvre for seed Nos. 3-5. 

The Washington Wizards will lapse all their core pieces after inking singular giveaway representative Otto Porter Jr. to a max deal, and he should continue to work as an ideal three-and-D element alongside John Wall and Bradley Beal. 

The Wizards also lapse Marcin Gortat and Markieff Morris, who teamed adult with Wall, Beal and Porter to furnish a net rating of plus-8.1 points per 100 security in a whopping 1,347 mins together final season, per’s lineup data

With no smoothness concerns, don’t be astounded if a Wizards moment 50 wins for a first time given a 1978-79 season. 

The same can be pronounced of a Bucks and Raptors. 

Milwaukee’s immature core is ripping during a seams with potential, and a continued expansion of Giannis Antetokounmpo subsequent to reigning Rookie of a Year Malcolm Brogdon, Khris Middleton, Tony Snell, Jabari Parker and Thon Maker should make a Bucks one of a East’s many frightening up-and-coming clubs a year after they won 42 games. 

The Raptors, meanwhile, are looking for their third true 50-win deteriorate after successfully re-signing Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka. But after unwell to strech a Eastern Conference Finals for a third time in a final 4 seasons, there’s critical vigour for Toronto to mangle by that Milwaukee doesn’t have to understanding with usually yet. 

The other large storyline to watch in a East revolves around a Sixers, who got a glance of a moneyed destiny final deteriorate when Joel Embiid averaged 20.2 points, 7.8 rebounds and 2.5 blocks as a rookie. 

However, Embiid was singular to 31 games, and a Sixers sputtered down a widen to finish with 28 wins. 

But now that Embiid is on a mend, Ben Simmons is primed to make his entrance after sitting out a 2016-17 debate with a damaged feet and No. 1 collect Markelle Fultz is in draw with J.J. Redick slated to glow divided from distance, it’s not tough to prognosticate a Sixers commanding 40 wins and capturing a playoff berth that has been years in a making. 

One final note: Don’t nap on a Miami Heat.

Although Erik Spoelstra’s bar missed out on Hayward and unsuccessful to make a large free-agent splash, a Heat will enter a new deteriorate with certain mojo after they went 31-17 in their final 48 games final season. The usually clubs to best that record during that camber were a Warriors, Spurs, Wizards and Celtics. 

Toss in a healthy Justise Winslow, the arrival of Kelly Olynyk and improving rotational pieces like Josh Richardson and Tyler Johnson, and a Heat could be a one organisation pretension contenders wish to equivocate in a initial turn of a playoffs. 

Western Conference

  • 1. Golden Sate Warriors (69-13), 100 percent playoff probability, 5/8 pretension odds
  • 2. Houston Rockets (62-20), 100 percent playoff probability, 9/1 pretension odds
  • 3. San Antonio Spurs (54-28), 95 percent playoff probability, 11/1 pretension odds
  • 4. Oklahoma City Thunder (51-31), 95 percent playoff probability, 40/1 pretension odds
  • 5. Minnesota Timberwolves (48-34), 75 percent playoff probability, 33/1 pretension odds
  • 6. Utah Jazz (45-37), 65 percent playoff probability, 66/1 pretension odds
  • 7. Denver Nuggets (44-38), 55 percent playoff probability, 100/1 pretension odds
  • 8. Los Angeles Clippers (43-39), 50 percent playoff probability, 100/1 pretension odds
  • 9. Memphis Grizzlies (41-41), 50 percent playoff probability, 100/1 pretension odds
  • 10. New Orleans Pelicans (40-42), 45 percent playoff probability, 66/1 pretension odds
  • 11. Portland Trail Blazers (37-45), 35 percent playoff probability, 125/1 pretension odds
  • 12. Dallas Mavericks (32-50), 17 percent playoff probability, 150/1 pretension odds
  • 13. Sacramento Kings (31-51), 15 percent playoff probability, 500/1 pretension odds
  • 14. Los Angeles Lakers (29-53), 3 percent playoff probability, 200/1 pretension odds
  • 15. Phoenix Suns (21-61), 0 percent playoff probability, 500/1 pretension odds

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Like a East, a West has a tangible tip echelon. The usually disproportion is it’s comprised of a singular team, and that organisation is a Warriors—who are primed for tighten to 70 wins presumption they don’t humour a array of inauspicious injuries. 

That predicted prevalence should make a foe for a West’s tip seed rather boring. However, there’s copiousness of amour when it comes to a subsequent few spots. 

The Rockets entirely embraced a plea and done a offseason’s many assertive pierce to obstacle Chris Paul in a blockbuster trade with a Los Angeles Clippers, giving final year’s No. 3 seed one of a many singular and gifted backcourts in new memory. 

Houston will have to figure out how to change touches and divvy adult playmaking responsibilities with dual alphas in Paul and Harden, yet a intelligent income is on descent theorist Mike D’Antoni devising a intrigue that accentuates both players’ best attributes. 

If he can do usually that, a Rockets will be staid to make a run for a Spurs’ bench atop a Southwest Division—a roost they have assigned for 6 of a final 7 seasons. 

Speaking of a Spurs, it might be tough for them—systemic luminosity and all—to hang with a high-powered Rockets. 

Not usually were their offseason movesre-sining Patty Mills and Pau Gasol and adding Rudy Gaymodest by comparison, but indicate ensure Tony Parker will be sidelined indefinitely once a deteriorate starts as he continues to rehabilitate his ruptured quadriceps tendon.

However, even a tiny step behind for a Spurs shouldn’t be a large deal. 

San Antonio hasn’t won fewer than 50 games in a non-lockout deteriorate given a 1996-97 campaign, and it would be ridiculous to consider a organisation coached by Gregg Popovich won’t be means to surpass north of a half-century symbol even with some bumps and bruises. 

The many fascinating club, though, might be a Thunder. 

George’s attainment will give Westbrook a star reflection he lacked final deteriorate following Kevin Durant‘s departure, that means vigour will be off a reigning MVP to shoulder a statistical weight night in and night out. 

The 2017-18 deteriorate will also paint an extended recruiting event for a Thunder, who will wish to lean George to lapse to Oklahoma City as an unlimited giveaway representative subsequent summer.

In sequence to make a convincing pitch, a Thunder will have to infer they can wand off some unbending foe from a Utah Jazz, Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets in a Northwest Division.

The Timberwolves immediately burst out among that organisation after adding Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague and Jamal Crawford alongside Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, yet a Nuggets and Jazz shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Denver stayed bustling in a possess right and nabbed Paul Millsap as Nikola Jokic’s new frontcourt using mate, and his attainment total to put a Nuggets in a thick of a swarming Western Conference foe that will see roughly 6 teams, including a Jazz, duke it out for 3 playoff spots. 

The other contenders for those desired seeds figure to be a Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trail Blazers and New Orleans Pelicans, all of whom have a blends of star energy and abyss required to crowd their approach into a postseason conversation. 

Having pronounced that, perplexing to apart them during this early connection is an imprecise science. 

So as doubt continues to abound, it’s time to rigging adult for another furious deteriorate out West as a Warriors get set to lay behind and regulate over a disharmony that unfolds underneath them in a standings. 

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