NCAA Hockey: Harvard, Minnesota Duluth headed for Frozen Four

“They’re a good team,” Weidner said. “They were removing above us and forcing us to dump pucks. They play high-pressure in a D section and when we were means to get pucks in and pierce around, we had some chances. But both ways, it was tough to get movement and beget chances. They were during a premium.”

Predictably, Lowell started to lift divided in a second period, scoring a span of goals and unequivocally creation a competition resemble some-more of a classical Lowell game. While Cornell never conceded a lot of section time and did a improved pursuit negligence things down in a neutral section than many Lowell opponents, it positively didn’t emanate many postulated offense for itself solely on a occasionally energy play.

In a third, it was Lowell that threw a diversion into shutdown mode. But even with Cornell theoretically unfortunate to score, generating 15 of a 36 attempts during full strength in a final 20 minutes, roughly all was to a outside. Only dual of those 15 attempts were from high-percentage areas.

Then Lowell drew a vital for division from Cornell’s Patrick McCarron on a strike that, if it were any later, it would have happened as we review this. Lowell scored dual some-more goals on that five-minute energy play to spin a violence into a blowout. Though, for Cornell, a two-goal necessity opposite a organisation like this was academic.

New York Rangers awaiting Tyler Wall stopped all 19 shots he faced, yet few were of high quality, to collect adult only his second shutout of a season. He’s now .928 in his final 12 games.

“He had what I’d impersonate as a plain opening today,” pronounced Bazin. “I’d have to demeanour behind during a film to see only how many times he was unequivocally tested. At a same time, you’re articulate about a immature goalie removing a shutout in a essential game. It’s unequivocally important. It’s going to assistance his confidence.”

Now, to Schaefer’s indicate about a intensity for a movement swing, maybe that’s true. Maybe putting Lowell on a heels helps them grub things out. But Lowell was 6-5-1 when surrender initial this year, so also: Maybe Not. Certainly it’s improved to measure initial than not, yet when your gameplan is, “We have to keep one of a best offenses in a nation quiet,” that’s a foundational waste from that to operate.

Cornell didn’t come in with a bad diversion plan, yet it came in with crew clearly unsound to get anywhere with that devise opposite an competition this good.

“They’re accurately what we wish in a hockey team,” pronounced Cornell manager Mike Schafer. “They can stay above you, they’re good defensively. But they get a puck divided from we and they can go a other way. They are a unselfish organisation of players and they play very, unequivocally good as a team.

“We couldn’t get anything going, yet give credit to a other hockey team. They did accurately to us what they’ve finished to other teams.”

It happens.

Denver 5, Michigan Tech 2

You could have set your watch to this one. Denver has been a best organisation in a nation for a flattering good cube of a deteriorate and arguably had a reason to come out of a dilemma throwing haymakers after losing in a NCHC semifinals.

Michigan Tech, meanwhile, is a good organisation in a distant worse conference, and unequivocally didn’t face a exam of this bulk all season. That a Pioneers scored 4 first-period goals on a 17-5 shot advantage is, one supposes, not many of a surprise.

Nor was a final shot count being 34-18.

In fact, Denver indeed built a lead to 5-0 before surrender twice in only underneath 6 mins nearby a finish of a second period. But that small life was all a Huskies could muster. Colin Staub scored twice for a Pioneers, and both Liam Finlay and Michael Davies combined a span of assists. Tanner Jaillett stoped 16 of 18 in a win.

Notre Dame 3, Minnesota 2

Minnesota scored only over dual mins into a game, and for a while it felt like a subjection was on.

Then they went adult 2-0 only 30 seconds into a second period, and a turn of control they asserted was near-total. But it was that second idea that seemed to give Notre Dame life.

The Fighting Irish incited a diversion around, drew some penalties, and were means to cut a lead late in a second by goals only 54 seconds apart. The initial came on a beautiful dermatitis pass from… goalie Cal Petersen(!?) to Andrew Ogelvie. Anders Bjork, Notre Dame’s best skater by a mile both in this diversion and all season, pulled his bar even shortly thereafter.

Then, with a energy play mid by a third, Bjork struck again. Notre Dame hold on for dear life after that, removing out-attempted 11-2 over a subsequent 11 mins or so. It wasn’t ideal, yet it certain worked.

Petersen, in further to a wonderful, 120-foot assist, finished 31 saves to collect adult a win.

Here’s a potentially bad news: Notre Dame advances to play Lowell on Sunday. They’re 2-9-2 opposite a River Hawks in a final 4 years.

Penn State 10, Union 3

The scoreline unequivocally says it all: Union was a mess, and Penn State capitalized on each mistake.

Seven Nittany Lions had dual points or more. Four of them had three. Union gave adult 10 goals on 33 shots. It’s tough to know what else to contend here.

Interestingly, Penn State went adult 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, and 4-3 before finally pulling away, yet in a second half of a diversion they flat-out ran a show.

Now, Penn State’s diversion is best described as “designed to get that man who yells ‘shoooooooot’ on each half-decent demeanour to tighten adult for 5 damn seconds,” so it’s no warn that they poured it on opposite even a plain organisation like Union, yet 10 is a many goals scored in a singular NCAA contest diversion given 1990.

Everything went accurately right for Penn State in attack. Sad yet loyal for Union.

Minnesota Duluth 3, BU 2 (OT)

Tough for BU to contend it didn’t get in a good diversion here, yet a deteriorate was going to finish in violence unless it finished with a inhabitant title.

Instead it finished dual weeks before a Frozen Four, opposite one of a dual or 3 best teams in a country. Tough draw, sure, yet that’s because we play a rest of a deteriorate too.

BU went adult early on a Clayton Keller goal, scoring a opening idea for a initial time in several weeks, yet Duluth went to work shortly thereafter. They evened a diversion late in a first, afterwards a dual teams wrestled to a pull in a second period.

With a small some-more than 8 mins left in a third, a Bulldogs pulled forward again by Joey Anderson. But a small some-more than 5 mins later, Patrick Harper scored to force overtime.

Then, only 1:57 in, Adam Johnson scored on a energy play (perhaps not a best time to take a penalty?) to send Duluth to Chicago for a Frozen Four in dual weeks’ time.

Jake Oettinger stood on his conduct for many of a game, yet in a finish conceded 3 on 23. At a other finish of a ice, Hunter Miska stopped 22 of 24.

Harvard 3, Air Force 2

This one was entrance down a marks given Air Force won a late diversion on Friday. Harvard asserted a prevalence flattering early and remained in a driver’s chair throughout.

The Crimson’s initial goal, from Viktor Dombrovskiy, ping-ponged in on a shot from sincerely high adult in a zone, attack dual or 3 bodies on a approach by and violence Shane Starrett (27 saves). That was only about a finish of it.

The problem was that from a outset, this diversion was a lot like Harvard’s win on Friday: The competition never unequivocally seemed like it had many of a chance. The diversion was close, yet not, like, close-close. A 3-0 lead competence as good have been 20-0.

Air Force got dual behind in discerning period late in a second, scoring on a behind call and afterwards a indirect penalty. But being down 3 goals opposite this sold Harvard organisation is a genocide sentence.

The Crimson, like Duluth, are going to a Frozen Four.

Three Stars

1 – Ryan Donato, Harvard


Maybe a best idea I’ve seen all year. It happened right in front of me and it was one of those “Oh he’s gonna…. oh did!” moments we get in sports sometimes. Totally transcendent.

Donato could have finished zero else in this diversion — yet he also had 7 shots on idea — and he would still be a No. 1 star OF MY HEART, FOLKS!!!!!

2 – Anders Bjork, Notre Dame

The Bruins awaiting scored a final dual goals of a diversion to pull his organisation to a large dissapoint win over a No. 4 seed Golden Gophers, and some-more generally he was a force for a whole game. When he’s on, it’s tough for anyone to enclose his speed and creativity, and he ran furious in a second half of a game.

3 – Ryan Lohin, UMass Lowell

Lohin had Lowell’s all-important second idea to effectively put a diversion away, and played a clever shutdown purpose as well.

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