Netflix now lets we watch your favorite shows offline

You can now take Netflix on a road

It only got even easier to binge on Netflix.

Netflix announced on Wednesday members now have a choice to download cinema and shows to watch offline later. This means we can finally watch a new deteriorate of Stranger Things and Bloodline while on a moody or stranded in a subway.

The underline comes giveaway of cost with all Netflix (NFLX, Tech30) memberships. Members will wish to make certain they have a many new Netflix app on their Android or iOS inclination to entrance a new “download” button.

Up until now, we indispensable a place with a arguable internet tie to entrance a streaming service. But Netflix wants to make a product some-more nimble to fit a lives of those on a go.

netflix watch offline

You’ll find Orange Is a New Black, Narcos and The Crown available — but we can’t download everything. Shows like a new deteriorate of Gilmore Girls, Friends and New Girl are limited for now.

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The association formerly argued the underline was unnecessary, job it a “short tenure repair for a bigger problem.” That problem, of course, being wireless internet availability.

But a aspirant Amazon Prime embraced offline downloads for iOS and Android users some-more than a year ago.

According to Netflix’s Help Center page, “you’ll wish to delete” downloaded titles before attempting to download new content.

That’s since some chartering agreements have boundary on a series of titles people can download during a same time. The length of time Netflix users will have to watch a uncover or film will change by title. The “My Downloads” page will uncover members how long, such as 48 hours, they have with any title.

The association pronounced in an email to CNNMoney it is operative with “lots” of partners globally on securing downloading rights “for a bulk of a calm on the service.”

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