New Blurry Videos Potentially Show iPhone 8 on Production Line during Factory

Less than one month before Apple is approaching to betray a new iPhone lineup, dual videos have flush that might uncover a supposed iPhone 8 flitting by a prolongation line during a bureau presumably located in China.

The videos flush on Chinese microblogging use Weibo progressing today, and were after uploaded to YouTube by Dutch blog TechTastic.

Both videos are brief and blurry, so it’s tough to make out accurately what is being shown. The prolongation line could simply be for a crowd of iPhone 8 manikin models that have flush over a past few months.

Apple’s agreement manufacturers like Foxconn have despotic confidence measures in place to forestall employees from bringing smartphones inside factories, so a videos could really good be totally separate to genuine iPhone 8 production.

In a initial clip, bureau workers seem to be polishing or cleaning a back bombard of what could be a iPhone 8. At a really least, a device appears to have a vertically-aligned camera, one of a smartphone’s frequently rumored features.

In a second clip, only 8 seconds long, dozens of intensity iPhone 8 inclination seem to be merged to some kind of steel shelving rack.

Given a miss of genuine iPhone 8 partial leaks, we’re still stranded resolutely in iPhone stupid season—including infamously low-quality videos.

Apple researcher Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple will start prolongation corroboration tests for a iPhone 8 in late August, followed by mass prolongation in mid-September, so higher-quality leaks could be on a horizon.

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