New Galaxy S8 Leak Suggests Samsung Vs Microsoft Battle

The Galaxy S8 continues to provoke a geekerati with a guarantee of new record and new meditative about how an Android smartphone should be used. The latest trickle comes by the arguable Steve Litchfield who highlights a intensity new handling mode for a 2017 flagship… a Samsung Desktop Experience.

Samsung Desktop Experience, around AAWP (image:

You competence lift an eyebrow on because a Windows Phone site is stating this story, though that becomes transparent when we realize what Samsung’s Desktop Experience is. By permitting a Galaxy S8 to bond to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, a Android-powered handset can emanate a new ‘Extended Workspace’ that in outcome creates a desktop sourroundings driven by a handset.

That’s a approach play into a same space as Microsoft’s Continuum which allows a Windows 10 Mobile handset to expostulate a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This replicates a Windows 10 desktop regulating a unstable device. The representation being that if we have a Windows 10 device we don’t need to transport a laptop as well, only a keyboard and rodent and an HDMI wire to insert a shade (such as a one in many hotel rooms).

Windows 10 Mobile does not have a outrageous series of advantages in a stream market. Microsoft is anticipating to residence a app opening with a resurgence in Universal Windows Apps after in a year and a intensity pierce to ARM chips to concede full-blown Windows 10 to run on mobile devices, but these are all for most after in 2017. The advantage now is in clever craving support, cloud-based apps, and a craving use-case leveraging Continuum.

And Samsung is prepared to aim a latter.

DJ Koh, boss of mobile communications business during Samsung, speaks during a launch eventuality for a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 . (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

There are a lot of questions that Samsung need to answer – with only one slip from an inner display we’re low into Taniyama-Shimura domain here – though Samsung already has knowledge with large-screened Android inclination in a Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro tablets. Bringing TouchWiz to a incomparable shade is something a South Korean association already has knowledge with.

Samsung also likes to keep a flagship handsets during a forefront of any new technology. While using desktop-style program from a smartphone is not particularly vocalization new (there are large examples in a smartphone story books) it is a element that is experiencing a resurgence. Samsung will wish to be seen heading that charge.

Assuming it does seem on a Galaxy S8, it would also foster a new flagship as an craving device. With a Galaxy Note 7 no longer in a portfolio a South Korean association needs to say a participation as a retailer of efficient business device. The Desktop Experience would positively assistance that, as good as break one of Samsung’s mobile competitors who could (over time) bluster a prevalence of a Galaxy brand.

Now review because Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is my ‘Smartphone Of The Year’…

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