New Poll Finds Majority of Americans Have Smoked Marijuana

Planning on celebrating 4/20 this Thursday? You aren’t alone.

According to a new check expelled Monday, 52 percent of Americans over 18 have attempted pot during some indicate in their lives. The consult conducted by Yahoo News and Marist Poll found that not usually have many adults in a U.S. smoked pot, 44 percent of those who attempted it once still use it today.

The poll, patrician Weed and a American Family, looks during all from family views on pot use to regulation, entertainment, amicable acceptability, and more. And of march it comes only in time for a unaccepted holiday of cannabis enlightenment that falls on Apr 20th any year.

Despite pot still being federally personal as a dangerous Schedule we drug, on standard with heroin, American attitudes toward a drug have altered over time. The Yahoo-Marist check found that, out of a respondents who have attempted pot during some point, 65 percent are parents. In fact, people who are stream pot users are somewhat more expected to be parents, during 51 percent.

The check also found that American relatives aren’t that disturbed about their kids smoking weed. Out of all relatives surveyed (not only those who had attempted marijuana), a heading regard is a fear that their kids will fume cigarettes. It was loyal in reverse, too: those surveyed pronounced they suspicion their possess relatives would be some-more dissapoint if they smoked tobacco rather than marijuana.

Image: Farmworkers routine newly-harvested pot plants

Image: Farmworkers routine newly-harvested pot plants

Responses to legalization were varied. While some-more than 8 in 10 Americans (83 percent) support legalizing medical marijuana, people are uniformly separate on recreational process — 49 percent of Americans support legalizing pot for recreational use while 47 percent conflict it, according to a poll.

And many (62 percent) respondents pronounced they wouldn’t use pot as a self-prescribed pain reliever even if it were legal.

Recreational marijuana use is now authorised in 8 states and a District of Columbia — with a infancy of U.S. states charity authorised cannabis products to patients for medical use.

According to both Snopes and Time magazine, a use of a series 420 to weigh marijuana use stems from 1971, when a organisation of high propagandize students in California’s Bay Area met frequently during 4:20 p.m. to fume pot. One of a teenagers reportedly knew a member of a Grateful Dead and upheld on a tradition, and a rest is hemp history.

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