Next partial of ‘Game of Thrones’ leaks online, though was not partial of new hack

On a same week that a cyberattack was pronounced to have compromised a confidence of some of HBO’s programming, this Sunday’s part of maybe its most closely rhythmical tip — “Game of Thrones — leaked online.

A low-res chronicle of a fourth part of a blockbuster drama’s seventh deteriorate seemed on a Reddit thread forward of a premiere date Sunday.

According to a orator from HBO, a trickle was related to one of HBO’s distribution partners, Star India, and had no propinquity to a hack.

“This confirms a concede of part 4 of Game of Thrones Season 7, progressing this afternoon,” a matter from a Star India deputy said. “We take this crack really severely and have immediately instituted debate investigations during a and a record partner’s finish to quickly establish a cause.

“This is a grave emanate and we are holding suitable authorised calming action,” a matter concluded.

The network is also stability to work with law coercion to examine a confidence crack that took place progressing this week. 

“At this time, we do not trust that a e-mail complement as a whole has been compromised, though a debate examination is ongoing,” HBO Chief Executive Richard Plepler told staff members in an email sent Wednesday afternoon. 

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