NFL draft: Browns still acid for authorization quarterback (Apr 24, 2017)

CLEVELAND (AP) Finding Bigfoot has been some-more prolific than a Cleveland Browns’ hunt for a authorization quarterback.

This injured football query drags on.

For scarcely dual decades, a Browns, once a customary of NFL value and now a joining punching bag, have been using in circles as they try to find a quarterback to lead them from a dark to aptitude and respectability. Since a franchise’s disgraceful enlargement lapse in 1999, they’ve started 26 quarterbacks, a hurl call of names that haunt even a many constant Cleveland fans holding out wish a organisation will one day get it right.

From Tim Couch to Trent Dilfer, from Derek Anderson to Cody Kessler, and let’s not forget that year of fun with Johnny Manziel, QBs have cycled by Cleveland like tourists, with nothing adhering around for long.

It’s been a using joke.

And until a Browns find that long-term answer during quarterback, they’ll continue to be looked during as a laughingstock.

They’ll have another possibility to maybe finish this prolonged office in this week’s NFL draft. With a No. 1 and No. 12 altogether picks, and 4 some-more selections in a initial 3 rounds, a Browns are positioned to finally repair a many critical position on a field.

This could be a year Cleveland fans have longed for, a one when a Browns find their Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger. But as predestine would have it, this year’s QB category isn’t rarely regarded. Many breeze experts feel there isn’t a quarterback value a first-round preference and that Cleveland should wait until 2018.

That’s usually so Browns, whose examination with Robert Griffin III backfired final season, ensuing in a latest QB confusion.

”We’re going to keep searching,” manager Hue Jackson pronounced recently. ”I consider we all understand, no one’s unequivocally claimed this position nonetheless on a football organisation so we need to do all we can to continue to supplement a actor that we feel, as an organization, unequivocally good about, that can lead a football organisation and we’ll continue to follow that.”

The follow continues Thursday when a Browns try to find that elusive, essential piece. Or fail again.

Here are some quarterback tidbits to gnaw on when a Browns go on a clock:

UP TOP: Cleveland seems sealed in ON Texas AM defensive timber Myles Garrett during No. 1, and while he’s proficient during sacks, there are no three- or seven-step drops in his future. The Browns are tender with North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky, a former Ohio Mr. Football, notwithstanding his unawareness (only 13 college starts), yet substantially not adequate to take him first. Landing Garrett and Trubisky would be a dream scenario, yet Cleveland might have to trade adult as a rebuilding Jets have sent out vibes they cite Trubisky.

WHY NOT WATSON? Clemson’s Deshaun Watson would seem to fit Jackson’s form of a ideal QB: mobile, dynamic, successful. The Browns, though, don’t seem preoccupied with Watson – not in a initial turn anyway – unless their overpower is a fume screen. There are other good options like Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer, Texas AM’s Patrick Mahomes or California’s Davis Webb, who might all be accessible after Round 1.

DRAFT DEBACLES: The Browns’ lane record drafting QBs – or any position – is deplorable over a past decade, that is because many Cleveland fans fear a organisation will disaster adult again. Since 2007, usually OT Joe Thomas and CB Joe Haden have proven to be good choices. Eight other first-round picks are no longer on a roster.

Along with Couch, a No. 1 choice in ’99, a Browns have used first-round picks on Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden and Manziel, who was Johnny Goofball in an orange helmet. Those mistakes shouldn’t deter a Browns from selecting a QB early, yet they are grave reminders that there are no givens.

WAITING GAME: Would watchful one some-more year be so bad? Draft experts indicate to a 2018 QB class, led by UCLA’s Josh Rosen and USC’s Sam Darnold, as being some-more gifted than a 2017 group. That wouldn’t obviate a Browns from holding a quarterback after in this draft, usually not in a initial round.

HOMETOWN HEROES: Trubisky is a latest in a prolonged line of Ohio-born QBs tabbed as a Browns’ subsequent savior. Quinn, Charlie Frye and Brian Hoyer all grew adult as Browns fans, yet nothing was means to lead a turnaround. If Trubisky is picked, a vigour on him to be a team’s personality and face of a authorization will be immense.

BYE-BYE BROCK?: The Browns done a intolerable pierce in giveaway agency, appropriation QB Brock Osweiler, his $16 million guaranteed agreement and a 2018 second-round collect from Houston. Cleveland done it transparent Osweiler was not partial of a future, yet he’s still on a register and could be partial of a fall-back devise if a Browns don’t get their preferred quarterback.

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