NFL Live: Anthem Demonstrations to Continue After Trump Tweets

Saints and Dolphins take a knee, yet (most) mount during anthem.

Sunday’s N.F.L. movement began during 9:30 a.m. when a New Orleans Saints took a knee in oneness before a anthem was played during their diversion opposite a Miami Dolphins in London. In what competence be a pointer of things to come, 3 members of a Dolphins stayed on their knees during a anthem.


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The Fox promote customarily showed a tail finish of a Saints players kneeling, and by a time a cocktail star Darius Rucker was singing scarcely all of a players on both teams were standing. But on a far-reaching shot early in a song, during slightest 3 Miami players — Kenny Stills, Michael Thomas and Julius Thomas — were visibly kneeling during a finish of a sideline, yet they were not mentioned by a promote crew.

Trump tweets. How will a players respond?

Teams have been in discussions of how they would proceed a inhabitant anthem this week — a New Orleans Saints will flog things off by kneeling in oneness before a anthem is played during their diversion opposite a Miami Dolphins in London, yet afterwards will mount for a anthem — yet Mr. Trump might have desirous some-more thespian displays from some teams with a chatter on Saturday night.

Just 11 mins after tweeting about an arriving outing to Puerto Rico to work on disaster relief, a boss was behind to deliberating a N.F.L.:

While a discuss was primarily about players who knelt, sat, or lifted a fist in criticism of a anthem, many teams have avoided creation such a clever statement, selecting instead to do a some-more general proof of locking arms while standing, with many arising statements insisting that they are in no approach protesting a anthem. It was a concede that a teams seemed happy with, yet Mr. Trump was discerning to explain it as swell and a feat for himself.


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Here is a demeanour during how several teams are formulation to hoop a anthem in Week 4:

■ The Pittsburgh Steelers, who remained in a hovel during a anthem final week, are approaching to be on a margin for a strain this week, generally after a group was scrutinized when Alejandro Villanueva, a team’s starting left tackle who is a former Army Ranger, was manifest during a anthem final week.

■ Dez Bryant of a Dallas Cowboys told reporters that a team’s criticism final week, in that a group walked onto a field, knelt in solidarity, and afterwards stood for a anthem, was a one-time eventuality and that a group will all be station this week with their hands over their hearts.

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■ The Denver Broncos had 32 players kneel final week, that resulted in a confusing debate over an publicity understanding for Von Miller. The group announced they will all stand for a anthem this week.

■ The Seattle Seahawks, who were not on a margin for a anthem final week, have not announced what they will do this week, yet they did exhibit that a group has combined a fund with a idea of building a some-more merciful and thorough society, job it a Players Equality Justice for All Action Fund.

■ The Jacksonville Jaguars, who had some players kneel final week, will kneel in request as a team before a anthem, yet will afterwards mount for a anthem.


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Networks, violation from tradition, are display inhabitant anthems.

N.F.L. fans examination radio frequency see a inhabitant anthem played in football stadiums, and for good reason: The networks that uncover a games customarily go to blurb mangle then.

But after President Trump final week pounded a N.F.L. and a owners for vouchsafing players kneel or lay during a personification of The Star-Spangled Banner, a networks chose to uncover a anthem before their games in Week 3. Now that we have entered Week 4 and a seductiveness in a anthem has crested, some networks are starting to return to their unchanging use of not display a anthem.

Part of a reason is logistics. When networks uncover games back-to-back, a initial diversion mostly runs long, that creates it formidable if not unfit to cut divided to a anthem being played before a second game.

As a result, Fox showed partial of a anthem during a Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints in London yet skeleton to skip a anthem before a second diversion that starts during 1 p.m. on a East Coast.

CBS, too, will uncover a anthem before a initial game, that starts during 1 p.m. on a East Coast, and not uncover a anthem before a second diversion starting during 4:25 p.m. Networks display only one diversion have a reduction difficult decision. CBS showed a anthem before Thursday night’s diversion between a Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, and NBC will uncover a anthem before Sunday night’s diversion between a Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks.

Joe Lockhart, an N.F.L. spokesman, pronounced a joining is wakeful of when a networks uncover a anthem since they infrequently coordinate eventuality coverage, like during Salute to Service Month, that is partial of a pregame presentation, or before a Super Bowl.

But a N.F.L. does not ask a networks to uncover or not uncover a anthem before others games. “We don’t tell them they have to cover it,” Lockhart said. “They do what they do.”

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