NFL report 2017: The best and misfortune games this season

After many anticipation, the NFL expelled a whole report for a 2017 season. There are 256 unchanging deteriorate games in any season, and while copiousness will be value watching, we wish to prominence a best and misfortune matchups of any week.

This list isn’t customarily focused on how final year’s playoff squads could transport in their many sparkling matchups, either. It also aims to find some of a lesser-known games that could be of interest, as good as a games whose on-field product won’t compare a hype.

With that, here are a best and misfortune matchups for all 17 weeks of a 2017 season.

Week 1 best: Los Angeles Chargers during Denver Broncos (Monday Night Football)

In their initial Los Angeles season, a Chargers face former conduct manager Mike McCoy, now Denver’s OC, in a initial diversion of a season. Last year, McCoy’s Chargers upset a Broncos in one of a many romantic Thursday night games of a season.

Week 1 worst: New York Giants during Dallas Cowboys (Sunday Night Football)

In a many predicted Sunday Night Football opener, a Giants and Cowboys will block off for a third time in 5 years. Even if past matchups between these dual clubs have been nail-biters, a NFL’s insistence to force a New York-Dallas matchup down fans’ throats is a bit frustrating.

Week 2 best: Green Bay Packers during Atlanta Falcons (SNF)

These dual teams played any other twice final year, and both matchups were electric. Matt Ryan connected with Mohamed Sanu with customarily over 30 seconds left in a initial matchup final year, as Atlanta kick Green Bay 33-32. In a NFC Championship, Atlanta took a 31-0 lead over Green Bay and hold on for a 44-21 win, creation a second ever Super Bowl appearance.

Week 2 worst: Houston Texans during Cincinnati Bengals (Thursday Night Football)

Last year’s Christmas Eve matchup is an easy diversion to forget, given it was one of a misfortune primetime games of 2016. It doesn’t assistance that in 6 matchups between these dual teams over a past 6 seasons (including dual playoff games), nothing are quite memorable.

Week 3 best: Cincinnati Bengals during Packers

Fun fact: Packers excluded, a Bengals are a customarily group Aaron Rodgers hasn’t beaten in his NFL career. Green Bay hasn’t beaten Cincinnati given 1998, and Rodgers is 0-2 opposite a Bengals in his career. In a most new matchup between these dual clubs (which took place in Week 3 of a 2013 season), Cincinnati scored 13 unanswered points in a fourth quarter, batting down 3 Rodgers passes in a final dual minutes, to dissapoint Green Bay with a 34-30 victory.

Week 3 worst: Los Angeles Rams during San Francisco 49ers (TNF)

There’s a reason since this is a customarily primetime diversion of a year for possibly team. The best wish for this diversion is that Todd Gurley and Carlos Hyde save fans from another tedious game, though it’s tough to suppose this diversion will spin into anything imitative a shootout.

Week 4 best: Indianapolis Colts during Seattle Seahawks (SNF)

Andrew Luck vs. Russell Wilson is one of a best quarterback matchups on this year’s schedule. There’s unequivocally no need to contend some-more here, though for those who wish it: T.Y. Hilton burned Richard Sherman in a many new matchup between these dual clubs, that took place in 2013.

Week 4 worst: Jacksonville Jaguars during New York Jets

Sometimes matchups between bad teams make for a wildest games, like a “kick-six” game between a Browns and Ravens on a Monday night in 2015. But for a many part, games like these are snoozers. Luckily for fans, a joining didn’t force this diversion into a primetime slot.

Week 5 best: Green Bay Packers during Dallas Cowboys

Seemingly any Packers-Cowboys diversion becomes an present classic. From a “Dez forsaken it” game to final year’s intense Divisional Round contest in that Green Bay dissapoint Dallas, these dual teams have been concerned in some of a some-more noted games of new memory.

Week 5 worst: Minnesota Vikings during Chicago Bears (MNF)

Divisional clashes can be fun, though this won’t expected be one of those. The good news? It substantially won’t be worse than last year’s Monday night matchup between these two. Probably.

Week 6 best: San Francisco 49ers during Washington

This competence not be a renouned pick, though a Battle of Unpopular Owners has a strangely engaging lift to it. The Niners have won a past 3 matchups between these dual teams. Maybe Kyle Shanahan, who once coached in Washington — and reportedly desired Kirk Cousins this offseason — can lead his new group to a feat over a quarterback he drafted behind in 2012.

Week 6 worst: Indianapolis Colts during Tennessee Titans (MnF)

AFC South football customarily doesn’t have as many punch as other divisions. While Andrew Luck vs. Marcus Mariota is intriguing, many games between these dual teams in years past have been snoozefests. The Titans have customarily beaten a Colts one time in a past 17 matchups between these dual teams, with a sole feat for Tennessee entrance in 2011 opposite a Curtis Painter-led Colts, who finished a deteriorate with a 2-14 record. Of course, one of those dual wins came opposite a Titans.

Week 7 best: Atlanta Falcons during New England Patriots (SNF)

The rematch of Super Bowl LI has all a fan could want: good quarterback play, superstars during ability positions on both sides and many importantly, a newly determined adversary between dual ardent fan bases. This one’s going to be a blast.

Week 7 worst: Washington during Philadelphia Eagles (MNF)

The jagged volume of NFC East night games strikes again. Did a NFL forget DeSean Jackson sealed with a Buccaneers in giveaway agency?

Week 8 best: Denver Broncos during Kansas City Chiefs (MNF)

Arrowhead Stadium is one of a some-more underrated venues in a NFL, and a Broncos-Chiefs adversary always seems to yield a good diversion or dual any year. After losing 7 uninterrupted games to Denver from 2012-15, Kansas City has now won 3 true and will be looking to extend that winning strain on Monday night.

Week 8 worst: Minnesota Vikings during Cleveland Browns (London)

This diversion could potentially pull fans in London, though it’s tough to suppose West Coast NFL fans waking adult before 7 a.m. to watch this game. East Coasters substantially won’t be gripping a tighten eye on this one either.

Week 9 best: Atlanta Falcons during Carolina Panthers

The Falcons have blown out a Panthers a past few times, though examination Julio Jones make plays opposite Carolina’s delegate never gets old. Even in a games where he’s not racking adult 300 yards receiving, Jones always seems to make a jaw-dropping catch.

Week 9 worst: Oakland Raiders during Miami Dolphins (SNF)

Both of these teams got prohibited final year and done it a postseason. The problem, however, is they have a intensity to tumble off in 2017 if things don’t go right. That’s not to contend both teams will disappoint, though there’s a decent possibility this diversion competence not have playoff implications come November.

Week 10 best: Seattle Seahawks during Arizona Cardinals (TNF)

Finally, a good diversion on Thursday Night Football. Even if one or both of these teams struggles in 2017, a Seahawks-Cardinals matchup is always interesting. Last year’s tie between these dual clubs was one of a strangely constrained games in new memory.

Week 10 worst: Los Angeles Chargers during Jacksonville Jaguars

The Bolts and Jags have faced off any year given 2013, and a Chargers won all 4 matchups. Does anyone really caring about Gus Bradley’s lapse to Jacksonville?

Week 11 best: Atlanta Falcons during Seattle Seahawks (MNF)

Ryan vs. Wilson. Jones vs. Sherman. Dan Quinn vs. his former team. Rematch of one of a many argumentative games of a 2016 season. This matchup checks all a boxes and will be one of a biggest must-watch games of a year.

Week 11 worst: New England Patriots during Oakland Raiders (Mexico City)

The NFL is going to relentlessly hype this up, though what creates this diversion any some-more engaging than final year’s unsatisfactory Texans-Raiders matchup in Mexico City?

Week 12 best: Los Angeles Chargers during Dallas Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

The Chargers aren’t a flashiest group in a league, though they’re not one of a prototypical NFC East or NFC North teams to play on Thanksgiving. Plus, Los Angeles is a flattering good group on paper. This diversion could have playoff implications on both sides if these dual teams conduct to stay healthy.

Week 12 worst: New York Giants during Washington (Thanksgiving)

Neither teams traditionally plays on Thanksgiving, even if it seems like it. For a holiday in unfortunate need of excitement, another NFC East matchup doesn’t cut it.

Week 13 best: Pittsburgh Steelers during Cincinnati Bengals (MNF)

Regardless of these teams’ records, both teams come to play any time they compare up. Plus, it’s a primetime rematch of one of a biggest playoff games of a past decade.

Week 13 worst: Philadelphia Eagles during Seattle Seahawks (SNF)

The Seahawks have dominated a Eagles recently. Things can change, though even if Carson Wentz has a dermatitis deteriorate in his second season, this diversion expected won’t be must-see TV.

Week 14 best: Oakland Raiders during Kansas City Chiefs

Since 2012, Oakland has customarily beaten Kansas City once, though AFC West matchups are some-more sparkling than they’re given credit for. Arrowhead Stadium during night is fun, too.

Week 14 worst: New England Patriots during Miami Dolphins (MNF)

It’s tough to make a Patriots diversion on Monday dull. Props to Roger Goodell and a NFL schedule-makers for handling to do it.

Week 15 best: Denver Broncos during Indianapolis Colts (TNF)

Even but Peyton Manning in Denver, this Indianapolis-Denver matchup has some punch for a Thursday night game. Plus, both of these dual teams are customarily interesting in primetime, either they’re rival or not.

Week 15 worst: Chicago Bears during Detroit Lions (Saturday afternoon)

Why did a NFL report a diversion for a Saturday afternoon, and since did a NFL select these dual teams?

Week 16 best: Seattle Seahawks during Dallas Cowboys

It takes a plain matchup get fans vehement for football on a day before Christmas, and this one fits a bill. Both teams have star energy and should be rival late in a season.

Week 16 worst: Oakland Raiders during Philadelphia Eagles (Christmas night)

This diversion will be a claimant for least-watched dusk diversion of a 2017 season, even with dual clever fan bases. There are improved ways to spend Christmas night than examination this one.

Week 17 best: Oakland Raiders during Los Angeles Chargers

It’s a contrition this diversion comes in Week 17 when there competence not be as many playoff implications, given examination a Chargers play in a StubHub Center embellished out in black and china should be extravagantly entertaining. Nonetheless, both teams are gifted and, in theory, could be rival down a stretch.

Week 17 worst: Jacksonville Jaguars during Tennessee Titans

Shoutout to a Jaguars, who are a only group in a league but a Thursday night diversion this season. The Jacksonville-Tennessee color rush meme never gets old, so it’s a bummer this diversion doesn’t get a spotlight on a Thursday night.

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