NIBIRU SIGHTING? Does this video uncover Planet X UFOs arrive for finish of a world?

But video footage filmed in a passed of night presumably shows that a Planet X speculation might have been misunderstood, and Earth was instead visited by extraterrestrials from Nibiru.

Steven St Catherine, a freelance indication who available a intolerable footage after 2am on Sunday morning from a patio of an unit retard in northwest London, is assured that he saw UFOs.

Mr Catherine said: “Usually we usually see things like that on YouTube and we was on a 15th building in a high arise blocks and a perspective is extraordinary though we know that weren’t a plane.”

“Trust me I’ve never seen zero like it for my possess dual eyes,” he said, adding that he speckled 5 objects in a night sky.

The initial of dual videos posted to Facebook, was common with a caption: “I consider we saw Nibiru though we got some-more to weird we out with later, we available it on my iPhone only now.”

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