Only Augusta would open a world’s many lush media center, since because not?

AUGUSTA, Ga. – It’s tough to report a distance of a new media core here, though suppose President Trump’s limit wall, usually incomparable and some-more expensive. From my leather chair in a categorical work area – that is called a “arena” and might have a possess zip formula – we can check out a dual screens on my desk, admire a commemorative plaques on a mill walls, or demeanour out by a two-story windows during a pushing range, meaningful my effects are sealed in my personal storage locker, that is right subsequent to my possess rabble can. That’s a good touch. we was so sleepy of pity a rabble can.

There is a full-service grill to go with a walk-up food counter. The TVs on a walls are not usually enormous; some of them are framed. The restrooms have attendants, and there are locker bedrooms with showers. Showers! we know sportswriters who don’t use a showers in their hotel rooms, and now we have them in a media center.

This place is so lush that even Augusta National members are jealous. Bill Gates usually knocked on a doorway and asked if he could come in and write a sidebar.

We have reached a indicate in this mainstay where readers are wondering how to FedEx me their vomit. we understand. Nobody wants to hear how good sportswriters have it. Sportswriting is a cushy job, and on some days, job it a “job” during all is a linguistic felony.

Q. How do we acquire a living?
A. we watch football games. And afterwards we write what we consider about them.
Q. Elsewhere in a world, spark is being mined, children are being taught and hearts are being transplanted.
A. (drops conduct in shame)

So we get it. Completely. You don’t wish to hear sportswriters speak about how good we have it. But that’s not since I’m essay this.

The new media core says so many about Augusta National. See, nobody else does anything like this. The Masters is special for many reasons, though a biggest is this: It is designed to be special. Special is a pushing force. For some-more than 80 years, a members have finished all they can to make a contest mount out, from a concessions to a singular blurb time to a immature jackets that their wives would not let them wear to any other amicable occasion. A lot of sporting events furnish revenue; usually a special eventuality would take honour in branch down revenue.


The object rises behind a new Press Building during Augusta National Golf Club.

The grand staircase welcomes press into a new Press Building during Augusta National Golf Club.

The Interview Room in a new Press Building during Augusta National Golf Club.

The new trickery boasts a state of a art Working Arena and Interview Room, stretched suites for television, radio and photographers, new gentlemen and ladies locker bedrooms and a full-service restaurant.

Bartlett Lounge is a full-service grill with a smorgasboard open for breakfast and lunch in a new Press Building during Augusta National Golf Club.

The roof boasts a reproduction of a Quonset hovel formerly used for media from 1953 to 1989.

A patio for outward dinning is located on a second building of a new Press Building during Augusta National Golf Club.

The Working Arena on a second building of a new Press Building during Augusta National Golf Club.

A loll is subsequent to a incomparable work area in a Masters Digital Headquarters on a second building of a new Press Building.

A open work area is shown in a Masters Digital Headquarters on a second building of a new Press Building.


You can call a Masters a best golf contest in a world, and some golf fans would argue, though a evidence misses a point. The Masters transcends a sport. Exclusivity is a allure. It’s not: The Best Tradition in Golf. It’s: A Tradition Unlike Any Other. The immature coupler is cold since nobody else gives one away. If we saw one of those pimento cheese sandwiches during your internal Kroger, we would substantially pass. But here? The fans – excuse me, a patrons – can’t get enough.

Pebble Beach is an extraordinary march with many prettier views, though ask many golfers that march they would like to play, and a strenuous initial choice will be Augusta National. There is cachet to revelation your friends we played Augusta National. This is also since so many intensely absolute people wish to be members here. It’s not usually since they wish to try to strech a 13th immature in two. It’s since nobody asks to see a membership list during Pine Valley.

When Augusta National authority Billy Payne sat down in a new, enormous, ideally allocated talk room Wednesday, with azaleas in a quarrel in front of him, we sat in nonetheless another leather chair and looked around. Every chair has a possess microphone; no need for a workman to travel around with one any more. There are microchips in any media credential, alerting a judge to a identity, so that we get called on by name. (And of course, this allows them to not call on certain people if they choose.)

I’ve lonesome some Buick Opens in my day. This was not like that.

Augusta National wants everybody to feel like they are experiencing something they can’t get anywhere else. Payne pronounced they built it out of “the element of consistent improvement. We know no other way.”

The dining room has a smorgasboard and servers who will take your sequence during your table.

Augusta National would never announce a cost of a plan like this; that would be unseemly. But I’ve listened and review conjecture that it cost some-more than $50 million, and that’s rarely believable. It was also unnecessary. Augusta National did not have to do any of this. Before this new media core was built, if we had asked many sportswriters to name a sporting eventuality that treated them best, we would have listened one of dual answers. The initial would be “The Masters,” and a second would finish with “but I’ve never lonesome a Masters.”

We had a possess building. (Most tournaments have tents or proxy facilities.) Food was accessible during all hours. Media parking was ridiculously close, though hey: no need to walk! Shuttles were plentiful. And sure, we always had to play by their manners – watch where we walk, leave your dungeon phone by your chair – though during each turn, a Augusta National folks would remind we that sportswriters from Herbert Warren Wind to Dan Jenkins to Dave Kindred helped make a Masters what it is.

Many broadcasting outlets have stopped covering golf; it’s expensive, and it doesn’t have a low invasion in many markets that a internal pro or college group does. But many will continue to cover a Masters, since a Masters is not unequivocally suspicion of as a golf tournament. It’s a Masters. It’s different. You feel it all around a course, from a immature walkways to a ideally mowed weed that isn’t even partial of a course, all a approach to this gargantuan and pleasing media center.

This media core will be partial of a place’s aura – not usually for journalists, though for some fans, too. As we consider about it, we trust this is a initial time I’ve ever created about a media center. And it’s substantially a final … until Augusta National builds a bigger one.

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