Ozil: Ronaldo helped me be a improved player

ESPN’s World Fame 100 rankings exhibit Cristiano Ronaldo is No. 1 on a list.

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil says his former Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo helped to make him a improved player.

Ozil spent 3 years personification alongside Ronaldo during Madrid between 2010 and 2013 before withdrawal for Arsenal, during that time they won a La Liga title, Copa del Rey and Spanish Super Cup together.

“It’s always easier for a actor when we have such a good bargain on a pitch,” Ozil told Arsenal Player. “I knew a runs he’d done and he knew I’d find him when he done those movements. We had a really good bargain on a representation and [Jose] Mourinho as a manager upheld me and helped me progress.

“It wasn’t only Ronaldo though a whole group — they upheld me and were there for me on a pitch. That helped me to have some-more leisure when we played. Certain things were beheld by a manager too.

“If something went wrong or there was an area in that we could urge myself, he encouraged me and we need to appreciate a whole group and not only Ronaldo.”

Ozil combined that it was not only Ronaldo’s ability on a margin that tender him, though also his expostulate and joining off it.

“His ambition, how inspired for success he is, as a player,” Ozil said. “You wish to be successful, we wish to move your best and what preoccupied me about him was how veteran he was. He’d be a initial in a sauce room and a final to leave.

Mesut Ozil played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo during Real Madrid.

“He’s a grounded man who is really ambitious, who always gives his best for himself and for a team. What we dignified about him was how inspired for success he is.

“He’s not somebody who when he achieves something, thinks ‘OK we can stop now, or we can go easy.’ It’s a opposite. He always wants to be some-more successful — he wants to urge titles and we dignified that.”

While Ozil is a large fan of Ronaldo, it was former France general and stream Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane who he idolised as a kid.

“I always saw him as a finish player,” Ozil said. “He could use both feet, was dangerous in front of goals, clever defensively, good in a atmosphere and had an unimaginable initial touch.

“A lot of people told me during a time that my impression of play reminded them of him. They’d say, ‘You are ease and seem to have time on a pitch, even if 10 people are going during you, we always find a solution.’ That always preoccupied me about Zidane.

“I watched what he’d do on a representation and wish to do it myself when we was a immature kid. Most things we picked adult quickly, appreciate God. As we said, he was my idol. I’ve met him and it’s all a nicer when we get to know his impression and know him as a person. For me that was a special impulse behind then.”

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