Pixel 2 could launch in dual weeks, Pixel 2 XL subsequent month

Google’s Pixel eventuality is happening only dual days from now, though it sounds like we’ll have to wait during slightest dual some-more weeks after that before a initial inclination start shipping. VentureBeat is reporting that a Pixel 2 will be expelled on Oct 19th, dual weeks later. And Pixel 2 XL buyers might have to wait even longer, until Nov 15th.

The Oct 19th date creates copiousness of sense. Last year, a Pixel was announced on Oct 5th and shipped on Oct 20th; this year, a Pixel 2 is being announced on Oct 4th, so a 19th would be consistent.

The XL’s recover date wasn’t staggered final year, though maybe Google is pulling it out this time to safeguard that it has copiousness of units to ship. It seems like a XL will be a genuine flagship device this time, and final year, Google had some critical trouble gripping a phone in stock.

That said, pulling a 2 XL’s recover date out to Nov 15th could come during disadvantage. The iPhone X comes out Nov 3rd, and Google has a possibility to have a scarcely full-screen phone on sale first. A integrate weeks in possibly instruction might not matter most in a prolonged run, though it positively doesn’t harm to have a rarely rival phone prepared to buy forward of your competitor.

In further to a phones’ recover dates, VentureBeat also published dual new images of a Pixels. One is a cleaner mockup of a 2 XL (accompanying this progressing leak), and another is a organisation shot of a Pixel 2 that we see above. It’s one of a best shots nonetheless of a phone’s 3 opposite colors, and we consider it creates a “kinda blue” tone start to demeanour a bit improved than in progressing leaks. What we still wish to know: what tone is a bezel on a other side of it?

We’ll find out all on Wednesday.

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